Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Explaining the “Bump”

For those of you that have seen me or pictures of me lately and found yourself having the” is she or isn’t she debate”, the truth is out….I AM!

Spencer and I are expecting Baby #2 in late September which makes me about 16 weeks pregnant. Here are some question and answers for those that are interested.

Are you showing?
Yeah, barely! It would be hard to tell I was pregnant if you didn’t already know. I have an itty bitty tiny bump…YEAH RIGHT, if only. I feel H-U-G-E! My “fat” pants are already getting snug. My belly’s getting big, my checks are getting big, my backside has doubled, and I’m not even going to talk about my thighs. And, I am only 16 weeks along. I am SO excited for what’s about to come.

Are you going to find out what it is? You’re kidding, right? I am a planner. I wish pregnancy tests had a blue positive sign if you were having a boy and a pink positive sign if you were having a girl. 20 weeks (which is when my doctor does the ultrasound) is way to long to wait.

Do you want a boy or a girl? I love when people ask you this question. Like if it comes out the wrong sex you are going to kindly ask the doctor to put it back. With all joking aside, we are indifferent. It would be fun to have a boy just to prove that the Nolan (insert maiden name) family CAN have boys. Yet, it would be very convenient (and cheaper) to have a girl. We are already stocked up with girl clothes, toys, bedding and stuff.

*Just some fun facts about my family:
On my side of the family my parents have 6 kids and 4 grandkids, only one is a boy (and don’t feel bad for him…he loves it)
On Spencer's side 7 of the last 8 grandchildren have been girls. And the boy has a twin sister so that only counts for .5 for the boys.

Have you been sick? Yup, but on the positive side I’ve had a few clues that the end is near.
  • I stayed awake all day for the last two days! Which is quite a feat seeing how the last 3 months I have taken a mid-day nap with Brynlee and have called it bedtime no later than 9:00pm.
  • I have made dinner the last three nights with nothing coming from a box, can or a take-out menu. My morning sickness starts at about 5:00pm right when it’s time to prepare dinner and smells REALLY bother me. I knew this from my last pregnancies so to be prepared I made a ton of frozen meals so all I had to do was put it in the oven at dinner time. It didn’t help; it turned out the sight of a frozen block of something resembling Lasagna also made me queasy. Go figure.
  • Yesterday I did all the laundry (including all the bedding), dusted, vacuumed and even cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer.
Speaking about being sick I have to take a moment to complement Spencer! Thanks for standing by with a can of Lysol, carpet cleaner, and a scrub brush. You are the best husband ever.

Have you thought of names yet? Again, I am a planner (and addicted to lists). I have an excel spreadsheet with about 20 boy names and 20 girl names organized in alphabetical order (just in case I have a litter or something). Sick, I know. I think that covers the basics. We are excited for our new addition and the fun and challenges that a new child will bring.


Jami said...

Oh my Gosh, I Didnt know you were going to have another one....Congrats...:)

mammabug said...

Like your family can have another boy. Are you sure Alan wasn't adopted? Just kidding, can't wait to see what comes along.


Nick and Karalynn said...


sarah louise said...

Kim we are cut from the same cloth! I too am a planner and wish pregnancy tests told you the sex. I also name my child the minute I know we are pregnant. I just don't understand people who haven't picked out a name yet and are heading to the hospital to have the baby. What is that all about?

I am excited for you! If we ever have another girl (which probably won't happen) we want to use the name Gracie, so maybe you could come up with a version of that, you know for tradition sake?

Kimberlee said...

Sorry Sarah-
You are going to have to change the name if/when you have another girl. I can't think of anything I like that resembles Gracie. Sorry, but work with me here.

sarah louise said...

How about we will do a version of your name if we ever have another? Sound fair? Though GraceLynn, while silly, would work (: You got to think outside the box!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the pale faced Kim looking a little queasy at home instead of at work!!!! I think this is totally awesome, and don't discredit yourself, you made a potty castle frolick, something only supermom's can do! Love you and tell Spencer congrats also.

Miranda said...

1. Holy crap congratulations.
2. I'm sorry I don't keep up on your blog better because this congratulations is waaaaay delayed.
3. I'm glad you used my Q&A, I will retroactively give you my blessing to use the idea.

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