Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Top 40 reason's I love my dad:
  1. He took us camping a lot when we were little.
  2. He still goes camping with us now that we are older.
  3. He loves my mom.
  4. He let us play in the cottonseed.
  5. He made it through the teenage years of 4 girls!
  6. He's patient.
  7. But he still knows when to be stern.
  8. He took us on a trip to Canada.
  9. He would always come to all of our sporting, academic and other events even when he was really busy.
  10. He coached our softball teams.
  11. He always sets a good example.
  12. He loves his granddaughters.
  13. He hardly ever complained that he owned a farm/dairy, but was given 5 girls and only 1 boy.
  14. Although we mostly got in the way, he still let us help him work when we were little.
  15. He understood when we were older and no longer wanted to help on the dairy.
  16. He was our 4-H leader.
  17. He would help us train our dairy heifers...with the tractor. :)
  18. He would give us "fair money" every year for the Twin Falls Fair.
  19. He loves whoppers, popcorn and root beer.
  20. He hates chocolate.
  21. He would take us sledding behind the 4-wheeler.
  22. He wouldn't get mad when we would get up at 2:30 in the morning Christmas morning.
  23. He's honest.
  24. He's very hardworking.
  25. He would let the young men have "rodeo's" on his dairy heifers.
  26. He has always been very dedicated to his family.
  27. He knows how to have a good time.
  28. He likes old western movies.
  29. He plays cards with us.
  30. He stocks our freezer with meat every year for Christmas.
  31. He gives his granddaughters WAY to much candy...and they love him for it.
  32. One of Brynlee's first words was Grandpa.
  33. He might be 50, but he still works like he is 20.
  34. He can't spell.
  35. But he is really good at math.
  36. He's very supportive.
  37. He appreciates his son-in-laws.
  38. He has smaller feet than most his kids.
  39. He has a good voice.
  40. He is the best dad EVER!!!
Love ya dad! Happy Birthday!

Top 5 reasons I love my Grandpa:
  1. He comes to visit me.
  2. He gives me candy.
  3. He plays with me.
  4. He tickles me.
  5. He loves me.

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Anonymous said...

Well, since I am not as cool as my sisters and don't have a blog, I decided to leave a comment about my favorite memory of my daddy.

I love all the silly little phrases he comes up with! My favorite of all times was when he called me while I was hanging out with some friends. He asked what I was doing and I responded with, "I am just hanging out." Dad, the philosopher that he is, responded with, "Katie, you have hung out long enough! You are dry now!"

I love you daddy! Happy 50!

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