Wednesday, March 12, 2008

San Francisco - Part II

On day four Katie, Brynlee and I met Spence for lunch at a fun little hamburger joint then we hung out at Pier 49 and Fisherman's Wharf until Spence was done with his training. That night we all went to Ripley's Believe it or Not and then ate dinner at Boudin's Bakery at the Wharf. Which is delicious by the way. Brynlee's favorite part of the trip was all the candy stores. She LOVED the Salt Water Taffy. We would buy her a handful before we would go on any tour or museum to keep her busy. Her other favorite part of the trip was chasing the "ducks" (the pigeons).
Brynlee by some heads on market street. She took a good look at them and then said, "Ehh, gross!"

Me and Bryn at the cool fountain. We managed to walk around the entire thing with just soaking one foot.

On day five we went to the Wax Museum, a place that had a zillion old quarter machines, Ghirardelli Square, the beach and then Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co for dinner.

Brynlee at Ghirardelli Square. Yes, that is a naked half-lady half-mermaid statue behind her.
Pictures at the Beach. I took Brynlee's shoes off thinking she would like to run in the sand. Boy, was I wrong. She was scared to death of the sand and wouldn't let me put her down until I put her shoes back on.
Spencer at Bubba Gump's. You have to admit he looks a little bit like Forest, Forest Gump!On day six we toured Alcatraz, which I highly recommend. It was my favorite part of the trip. The first time Spence and I went to San Fran we just took a boat tour around the island, but didn't tour the island itself. If you get a chance to go to San Fran take the island tour. It was way interesting!
This was my favorite picture of the entire trip. There were some ladies that where seductively hugging a lamppost at Ghiradelli Square getting their picture taken. Brynlee stood there and watched them for a minute. Then Kate told her to go stand by the tree so she could take her picture....and this is what she did.


Jessica said...

Dear Brynlee,
You look so cute in all of your pictures. It looks like you had a great time on your trip. My favorite picture is when you are trying to "climb" up the tree!
Love Maddie

Jami said...

Looks like you all had a good time....I am glad I was invited :)!!!

Jami said...

I forgot to say that I LOVE that picture of Spencer...he just looks so mature ;)....just like Forest...Forest Gump...

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