Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brynlee Got Tagged

Brynlee got tagged by her cousins Maddie and Livvie so here are 5 things about her.
  1. Brylee is a surprisingly shy little girl. If somebody she doesn't know talks to her she won't look at them or say anything back. When she was a baby she wouldn't let anybody but her mom and dad hold her. She's gotten a lot better, but still is very shy around strangers or even family she hasn't seen in a long time.
  2. Brynlee LOVES outside. Even in the middle of the winter she would insist that we take her outside to play. Since we are very lucky, and live 10 steps from the golf course we have a beautiful walking trail right outside our door. Bryn loves to walk around the trail, pick the berries, roll down the hills and see the ducks in the pond.
  3. Bryn is a daddy's girl. She loves her dad so much! Her favorite part of the day is when her dad gets home from work to play with her. She's got the best dad it the world!
  4. I hate to admit it, but Brynlee is obsessed with Barney and Baby Bop (and that's all I am saying about that).
  5. Brynlee's favorite pastime is the tire swing in our back yard. Even in the middle of the winter she would dump out the snow, put a dishtowel on the seat and want to swing in it. She is so proud that she can get in and out of the swing all by "meself" now.

Brynlee tags her cousins Gavin, Brynn and Alec.


Anonymous said...

It was very nice to meet Brynlee (again). I also have to say, Kim remember when we had the Barney conversation while you were pregnant. I guess that didn't work out did it? Love ya anyway - Kacy

sarah louise said...

My kids found the Barney show once and I put an end to that really fast! You are a great mother to let your daughter follow her passions, even when you want to poke Barney in the eye with a fork!

Thanks for the tag. It was fun writing about my kids.

Kimberlee said...

You had better watch it our your kids will be obsessed with Teletubbies...better yet, Boohbah!

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