Wednesday, December 30, 2015


In January we spent the warmer days walking our favorite walking path around the golf course.

In February we spent time with some of our favorite friends.

In March we toured the Don Aslett Museum of Clean.

In April we watched base jumpers jump off the Perrine Bridge.

In May we visited Craters of the Moon.

In June we took a road trip to Seattle Washington.

In July we celebrated America and spent time with cousins.

In August we sold our house. Spence started a new job, the kids started a new school year at a new school, and we moved into a hotel.

In September, 42 days after checking into the Residence Inn, we moved into our new house. We also took a trip to Yellowstone National Park with the Wahlens.

In October we got a kitty and named her Cinnamon.

In November we started building walls and running electrical wires in our unfinished basement.

In December we celebrated our very first Christmas in our house in the country.

2015 - It was a year of change. Some very good times. And some trying, challenging times too.

And 2016, I am so looking forward to you. You are going to be a great year; I’m going to make sure of it.


kylee said...

favorite part: you making sure 2016 is a good year. one little line on a blog that i needed to hear!

trulymegs said...

You moved?! I hope you still get our Christmas card! Looks like 2015 was a really good year for your family. Happy 2016!

Jessica said...


Jami said...

Looking back over your months it crazy to think it was all in 2015! Yes, 2016 will be a fresh new year to make lots of memories! Let's just hope they are good ones?!

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