Friday, January 23, 2015

Laundry Day is Getting Bigger

The littlest is on outfit number 16 (and counting) for the day.

This one is an ensemble composed of Brynlee’s hand-me-down Christmas pajama bottoms (without underwear, but I didn’t tell you that) and a shirt from the “too small” bin (turned inside out and backwards) and wonkily layered atop a purple tee worn tube-top style with no arms in the arm holes and which I am absolutely certain was pulled from the very bottom of her laundry basket. And not the freshly Tide & Bounce’d basket either.

This is a new experience for this mama. Sure I’ve heard the tales and endless woe of constant childhood wardrobe changes from other "in the thick of it" moms. But my other two didn't dance this dance. We dressed once. First thing in the morning. 

(Okay, fine. Back in those days we dressed closer to the noon o’clock hour. But who’s keeping time?)

And then at the end of the day we took off the exact same clothes that we had put on all those hours ago and exchanged them for footy nighties in various shades of pink or blue and called it a day.

But Marlee is certainly not the one outfit a day kinda gal. Apparently girlfriend likes a wardrobe change. Or two. Or seven hundred and twenty seven. But who’s counting.

Not me. 

Except that's a lie, because you better believe ... I'm totally counting!

*see told ya, the purple tee was totally worn earlier this week.


Jami said...

She sure is growing up...just think how much laundry you will have when the teenage years hit for Marlee :)

sarahlouise said...

Love her!!!

Jessica said...

Olivia did this! Good news is she grew out of it. Kinda! I love MarleE!

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