Wednesday, September 17, 2014

love note

I made Peach Crisp for dessert tonight. We ate it on the deck to end our day. Marlee ate sans pants and underwear. …because she’s the boss. And I served myself an extra scoop of Costco vanilla ice-cream. Because I was aching for a pick-me-up like something fierce.

It was a puffy eyed day today. Puffy and stinging. I tried hard to bite my lip, to roll with the punches, to save my mascara. But yet, the tears rolled. The dam broke. The sting gave way. And it felt unfixable until every last tear had trickled down my face and dripped from my chin. 

I told Spencer that kids certainly don’t have a clue how much their parents worry about them.  And he agreed, they don’t.

When you’re a kid you kind of just do your thing. And you expect that your parents kind of just do their thing too.

But truth be told, when you’re the parent, your thing is their thing! 

Brynlee, Jace and Marlee-

Mom and dad love you. We love you more than you can fully comprehend at your young age. We love you more than we can put into words or into actions. But, someday, when you’re all grown up, you too will have little people that you are responsible for. And you will love them. And pray for them. And marvel at their every move. You will protect them. And care for them. And occasionally brag about them. And sometimes, you will cry for them. And when that time comes you will think “never before in the history of ever has a parent loved their children as much as I love mine!” And you will be wrong. Because dad and I, we love you that much! 

And we always will.



Jami said...

You are a great example to me as a mother! Your kids sure are lucky to have you and Spence as parents! Even if their atmosphere around them "out in the world" is negative, they know they can come home to peace & love and patience in their own home! They are some lucky kids to have that, because I know a lot of other kids crave something like that so bad and they don't have a clue that it even exists. SO it is a positive to have them go out in the "world" so they know how lucky they are to be able to come "HOME"! Love ya Kim!!! Hope today is a better day!

sarah louise said...

I never knew being a parent could make your heart break so much. It breaks in many ways because of their actions or the actions of others. And sometimes we cry for them, a lot. But that just means we love them more than anything else in the world.

trulymegs said...

I hope everything is ok. Email me if you need to.

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