Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Jace: Dude, at Christmas I had to go to the eye doctor.

Kyle: Really?

Jace: Yeah, and he had to put this really yucky water in my eyes.

Kyle: That does noooot sound fun.

Jace: It wasn’t. But I got these AWESOME! sunglasses.

Kyle: Hey, that’s not fair.

Jace: I know. Kinda I had to have them because when the doctor put that water in my eyes it made the sun really hurt them.

Kyle: Oh. That kinda happened to me one time.


Kyle: I ate this bubble gum. Except, it was terrible. Not like usually bubble gum is. It was really, really terrible. And then I drank water and it tasted better.

Jace: Oh man, really? Wanna play superheros?

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