Wednesday, November 13, 2013

this october

alternative title: some day i am going to post pictures pertaining to the actual month were living.
alternative title: fat chance.
another alternative title: i mean maybe, but probably don't count on it.
and one more alternative title, because i like options: october rocks!

 jace + our homegrown pumpkin crop. they were beauts, those things.

we grew seventeen of them. not a bad crop for the tiny little flower bed we grew them in. it was tight in there.

we pulled out the old halloween costumes. the dinosaur is from 2007, the first halloween celebrated in this house of ours. i think i have a picture.

Ohhhh....I do. And, my heck. You guys.

she rocked that dino costume.

and the bee costume. its circa 2008.

see? my itty bitty brynlee bumble bee.

back then jace was this big. and the cutest little pumpkin this mama's ever grown.

he was such a content, chill baby. and toddler. and kid, actually. i mean, there's been moments, like the entire time that spanned october 2011 to about january 2012 (oh heavens!), but for the most part he's got a personality that the world needs more of. i sorta love him to the moon and back.

and this chicka...she needs no words. except for maybe to say that jace might have been my calm before the storm.

it was fire safety day at miss lori's preschool. apparently jace loves fire safety day.

someone helped themselves to a plate of chocolate cake. when i busted the cake bandit she wouldn't even make eye contact with me. i think it was the "if i don't see her, she doesn't see me" theory.

cleaning the chimney with a pint-size helper. because we spell dad with a d-a-n-g-e-r.

and if we are going to have to pay falling off the roof emergency room bills we might as well pay two. go big or go home.

mega jenga on a sunday evening.

two good things: back yard soccer games and pajama day at preschool.

why hello. i like spaghetti.

marlee brought home this life size drawing of herself from nursery. i sorta love that her finger is in her ear. and i totally adore the fact that they left it there and traced her anyway. 

also, marlee goes to nursery. we started sending her at 12 months (i now, not fair, right). but actually, it is fair, since jace never, ever attended nursery. so if you think about it we have a punch card with 78 weeks (i actually did the math) of nursery that are still unused. might as well use them up.

and also, marlee's nursery leader is the bomb!

the end. actually i have a few more october pictures i want to post, but for now i am off to brynlee's school to do art mom. and then jace has a monster party at his school tonight. the whole family gets to come. jace is so dang excited. especially excited for marlee to get a chance to go to school. it should be fun.


Jessica said...

Marlee and the cake is hilarious and she looks exactly like I remember you at her age!! The Halloween costume replay was adorable!

trulymegs said...

This is too funny. I love the story about the cake! So glad you didn't have to pay 2 hospital bills.

sarah louise said...

I actually have a few more October pictures to post, if Sarah would get her butt in gear and send them to me! (They are in the mail as we speak).
And I am jealous that your son had a 3 month hard spell. I think one of my sons (who shall remain nameless) has had 3 months of good days in his entire life :)
And I love your cute little family and chocolate cake eating baby, and my brother who makes me nervous and they aren't even my kids on the roof!

Kimberlee said...

Jessica, Marlee is my twin - thirty years later. She looks a ton like I did.

And Sarah, no hurry, for reals. You were so kind to take them for us. Youdabest!

And your nameless son comment cracked me up. You had better believe that we've had more than a total three months hard spell though - there was just a three month spell that made me question my choice of becoming a mother. :)

Kate said...

Jake looked through the pictures before reading the actual post and told me how cute he thought MARLEE looked in the Dino costume. He wouldn't believe me when I said it was Brynlee.

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