Wednesday, August 21, 2013


No 8.5|1
||things that make me smile: when my kids pretend to be spencer and i||

No 8.6|1
||sometimes she follows me around taking pictures whilst grocery shopping, whateve||

No 8.7|1
||i think i will title this picture big, black tube||

No 8.7|2
||aunt marie’s adorable wouldn’t ya say||

No 8.7|3
||indian springs||

No 8.7|4
||and they didn't even complain when i took their picture. ha.||

No 8.8|1
||easy bakin’ with the girls||

No 8.8|2
||and then the boys took over||

No 8.9|1
||our squishy||

No 8.10|1
||a parade on a saturday morning||

No 8.11|1
||she’s a tiny bit taller than brynlee||

No 8.12|1
||all alone||

||#summergram2013: a daily photo collection documenting summer 2013||


Jami said...

Well, I would say your ipad (or whatever your thing is called) takes pretty good pictures! Especially that one of me, Now that is HOT! :)

Jaelynn said...

I love the mini Kim and mini Spence picture. Too funny! And I'm pretty sure I did indeed complain about you taking my picture... and you did not listen!

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