Wednesday, June 26, 2013


No 6.19|1
||tree trim||

No 6.19|2
||big ‘nuff||

No 6.20|1
||swimming lessons entertainment||

No 6.20|2
||she chose a fish, jace chose batman (duh)||

No 6.20|3
||a self-made visor||

No 6.20|4
||at the ugly duckling play; our review: loved||

No 6.21|1
||taken moments before their big 'daddy and me' night||

No 6.21|2
||tiny {half-naked} artist||

No 6.22|1
||love them more than my luggage||

No 6.22|2
||hotel swimming pool all to ourselves||

No 6.22|3

No 6.23|1
||destination: max’s baby blessing||

No 6.24|1
||piggytails + yellow||

No 6.24|2
||dish duty||

No 6.24|3
||one size fits most||

No 6.24|4


Kerry said...

Hey Kimberlee, how are you? Just thought I'd pop over to say hello and to see what's been happening in your lives lately :)
Your kiddos are as cute as ever and Marley is growing up way too fast!!
Such lovely pictures, I especially love the one of her in the yellow dress at the play park :)
Hope you guys are all doing well, happy Summer to you xo

Jami said...

I am really liking your "summergram"!! Maybe one of these years I will be as cool as you and do fun things and update my blog....:)! I guess I need to come see ya a little more often so at least I have a chance of you taking pictures of my kids and updating your blog! It seems you are WAY better at that!!!

Jessica said...

They are all adorable especially Marlee in the locker.

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