Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cousin Time

While at Jami’s: Brooke and Brynlee attended an “exploring the great outdoors” camp, we slept in the camp trailer, took 4-wheeler rides with grandpa, cooked Dutch Oven in the rain, ate dinner on the patio, snuggled baby Marlee and laughed at baby Chloe’s vocals. We ate rice krispie treats with a bowl and spoon, rode bikes, played in the little swimming pool, stayed up way to late and so much more. I love my family!
{And we miss you Spencer. Today we will be driving east on I86. Homeward bound. Can’t wait to see you.}
**pa and baby marlee**

**cousins//the boys**

**homemade water pinatas//another of the kid's stellar ideas**

**baby blue**

**babysitting by aunt marie**

**the office//the girls//the computer**

**sharing a soda**

**smiling with grandma**

**i spy//zayne//do you?**


Jessica said...

Looks fun! I especially like the water pinatas!

Jami said...

Thanks for coming and hanging out! Hey Jess, Maybe you should re-think me watching your kids next week ;)....or at least have them bring clothes that can be ruined in mud!!! HAHA!

Kate said...

That picture of the boys sharing the drink is just adorable!!

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