Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh My Quotable Friday: Laugh

Other things: 
  • Spencer took his final yesterday.  This semester was so much easier for him than last semester.
  •  I need my hair cut and colored.  Bad.  I haven’t had it done since May 12th.  That makes the hair stylist in me cringe.
  • Jace has been a bit obsessed with the princess dress-up truck lately.  But honestly, he makes a pretty cute sleeping beauty and it’s given me plenty of opportunity to take pictures for future blackmail purposes.
  • Brynlee loves Kindergarten.  Like loves, loves.
  • I’m due June 15th.  
  • I haven’t gone to bed after 8:00 since the second week in October.  So not typical of the night owl in me.  Pregnancy makes you so weird.
  • Speaking of weird, about week six of pregnancy I dreamt that I bought the local Jamba Juice.  So not kidding when I tell you that since then I am constantly dreaming that I’m the owner of Jamba Juice.  I’ve interviewed and hired, made smoothies, hung advertisements, even washed the Jamba Juice windows. It’s sorta like my night job.
  • Brynlee lost her third tooth this week.  Uncle Jake coached her again.  That makes two teeth that the two of them have ‘co-pulled’.
  • I deleted my facebook account.
  • Alan and Jaelynn now have the cutest little bundle of pink living with them.  Chloe Jane.  Our weekend plans are to snuggle her.
  • Spence is done with work this Friday and doesn’t have to report back until 2012. 
  • Which also means that we will be in our pajamas from this Friday until 2012.  It’s just sort of what happens when we are all home together.
  • I spent most of yesterday morning reading Christmas stories and watching Christmas on YouTube in preparation for my Christmas lesson this Sunday.  Christmas stories + Christmas music makes me cry.
  • Cutie oranges are a fav at our house right now.
  • One of my best friends is due a month and a half after me.  I’m excited to have babies the exact same age.
  • Tonight’s plans: put together our gingerbread house.
  • Today’s plans: do some laundry so my kiddos have clean socks.
Happy Friday-ing.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kim - How I miss thee! So glad things are going well with this pregnancy. I know all to well how loss can change your life in a split second. And ?hello? !HOORAY! for pajamas for two straight weeks. Love hearing and seeing about your family even though we never actually get to see each other. Merry Christmas! - Kacy

Jessica said...

Livvie says, "That picture is so Brynlee!"

Kerry said...

Hey Kim!
Good to hear from you and glad all is well :)
Merry Christmas xo

Kate said...

Bahaha. Livvie. You crack me up!

Kimberlee said...

Kacy! I'm so glad you commented. I hadn't a clue that you still read my random ramblings. What a suprise. I'm checking now if I still have an email address for you. If you don't get an email from me in the next day or so email me with your address. kimberleeunedited at gmail dot com

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