Monday, April 5, 2010

Serving Easter Dinner

We hosted our family Easter Party at our house this year. Just like last year. And quite possibly the year before.

Jami called me an estimated eight-hundred times prior to the weekend gathering. "Are you sure it's okay if we use your house again, Kim? We always make you do it." "Is it going to annoy you if we come down again, Kim? No be serious, WILL IT?" "Are you SURE it's okay?"

And my answer was always the same. "Yes Jami, it's okay." "Nope, not one bit annoying." "You're not inviting yourself for cryING OUT LOUD. I just invited you." I promise Jami…it's no problem."

And really IT ISN'T!

I have a good house for entertaining. Enough beds/air mattresses/hide-a-beds/floor space to sleep the family. A big dining table for card games. A toy room that can get destroyed in 2 seconds flat, but can be completely ignored by guests {moms} in the living room.

And as a bonus, when the party's at our house Spence and I show up on time! And I'm not gonna lie…that doesn't happen often ever.

I like to throw a party. I mean, I'm no Martha Stewart! But I love the excuse to create a few centerpieces and use my oversized serving platters. My heart beats a little faster when I get to decide on a menu plan and tally up a guest count. LAME. I know. But it's the truth.

When I hosted our first "real" holiday party at our house I swore I would never do it again. It was Thanksgiving. I think there were twenty-five guests. I was only given a day or two notice and I did it ALL myself. Every bit of it. Spencer helped entertain guests while I peeled, cut and mashed the potatoes, made salads, set up the tables and chairs, made the stuffing, cleared the tables, washed the tablecloths, loaded and unloaded dish after dish, and then when the last guest finally left I collapsed on the couch in complete and total exhaustion. It wasn't enjoyable. Not in the least bit. Everyone else visited. Relaxed. Ate pie. Celebrated Thanksgiving. But, not me. I was hosting and there wasn't time to do anything else.

Since then I've learned a few things.
Thing one: People want to help, LET THEM.
Thing two: The messier the house gets, the more fun everyone's having.
Thing three: If they're willing to wash the dishes, let them do it their way. If they're willing to sweep the floor, then by all means move out of the way. If they're willing to clean up the toy room don't worry about getting the toys in their proper bin and totes, there just going to get taken out again anyways.

When Jami asked me for the umpteenth time if it was okay if we had the party at my house AGAIN. Without even thinking I told her it wasn't a big deal. And I was serious. It isn't.

And here's why:

Because Jami and Jaelynn are going to peel all the eggs for the deviled eggs while Alan washes the potatoes. Then Alan and Jaelynn are going to cut the potatoes while I work on a salad and Jami does a few dishes. Then Katie's going to set the table while Jake {her friend} brings down all the extra card tables from the loft. Then half of us are going to cut the fruit for the fruit kabobs while the other half stir the chicken/clean the toy room/hold the babies/take out the garbage/and make the French bread.

Because, I don't have to do all the work. That's why.

In fact, when my mom came in to see what she needed to do to get the last of the Easter dinner prepared I half-jokingly, half-dead serious-ly told her that my kitchen wasn't a twelve butt kitchen and she would have to help by allowing the twelfth butt to sit on the couch. Because the kitchen…it was hoppin'. And the kitchen space…it was limited.

I love my family! They get me. They're always willing to help. And they always do it with their outside voice.

Jami, you guys are always invited! As long as you promise you'll take out the trash and recycling before you leave. And bring a salad.
P.S. {in list format}
1. Hope your Easter was fabulous.
2. Did you have an Easter Egg Hunt slash Snowball fight too?
3. Dear Spring, Any day now. Okay. Kim
4. We missed you Brad and Jessica.
5. I haven't forgotten Brynlee's 4 year-old birthday letter. I'll be posting it soon. Or ya know, after I get it written.


Jami said...

Oh Kim....We really appreciate all you do for us to make a SUPER party~!!! It is always lots of fun to come visit, even if I feel we invite ourselves more than we are invited! I was very impressed that you didnt yell at me for washing the dishes "my way" ;)....but then again I sort of washed them your way so I didnt get my hand slapped!!! Thanks for all the fun times and memories....

The Jones Family said...

I'm just thinking you forgot to invite us :) i'm thinking you wouldn't hgave noticed 4 more bodies and i would ahve volenteered to bring SPRING! i love having ever one together!!!conference and easter good match!

Jessica said...

Jace looks like he was pretty excited to get that Easter basket!!

Miranda said...

Gah! I totally love this post! Your excitement over planning a menu is not lame but instead, totally rad. The plans for my someday dream house completely revolve around entertaining a crowd. Also, my favorite quote: "And they always do it with their outside voice."

Lacy said...

We have that same blue easter basket! I loved this post. I've been blog absent for a while but read your last 7. Jordan loved the pictures of your kiddos jumping in their underoos. He laughed and laughed. I've tried to comment for days now and just barely figured out how to have my lame-o computer let me do it.
We are excited to see you!

Kimberlee said...

Jami- I said I would let you do it your way. I didn't say that I wouldn't slap your hands if you didn't do it my way! :) Love ya.

Ains- You're always invited. Come down. Especially if your bringing spring!

Jessica- Brynlee saw that picture and said "why's Jace so mad!"

Miranda- TOTALLY RAD! That, my friend, is why I love you.

And Lacy- Can't wait for your arrival!

Love ya all,

Kali Jo said...

haha, i loved that jace is in christmas jammies on easter. That is so like me. Mostly because Austin fits in to the clother that Lincoln wore 6 months earlier than Lincoln did.
oh, and I alos did not get an invite. Guess you'll hve to have another parta-ay and invite all us roomies. Ains is certainly echoing my idea. (not really a new idea though is it.:)

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