Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thing One and Thing Two - A List

Over the last few weeks these are the… Things we've been enjoying:
  • The TF Fair & Rodeo. I love me any fair, but I especially love me the TF Fair.
  • Little Zayne's baby blessing.
::Zayne's family::
  • Spending time at Jami's house. Two weekends in three weeks. {And if Jami were to write a list we would be under the "things that make me swear" category. Thankfully, Jami doesn't EVER update her blog so she won't be writing such a list}
::Brookie & Brynlee enjoying rootbeer floats::
  • Chopping Firewood {And by that I mean that Zeb, Spence and Zeb's brother left the house at 6am with an empty horse trailer and two chainsaws and then returned at 8pm with a horse trailer full of wood and three aching backs. All the while Jami and I stayed in our pajamas until 2pm and didn't brush our teeth or comb our hair. Don't judge us! We were also herding kids, rocking babies, going on nature walks, making dinner and playing ring-around-the-rosie. Plus, we canned 20 bottles of marinara sauce!}
Things that amazed me:
  • That the same floor that takes a long, tiring two days to install takes a mere 52 minutes to uninstall.
  • That my Grandma Marilyn has five kids, four daughter/son-in-laws, eighteen grandkids, nine grandkids-in-laws and thirteen great-grandkids. Yet, she always sends a birthday card. It always contains $20.00 and it's always on time!
  • How much you use your kitchen sink. Don't believe me? Take out your kitchen sink for a week or two and see how much you miss it. I double dog dare you.
  • How much bigger your three-year-old gets in the hour that she's at preschool.
Things that made me jump up and down and squeal in delight:
  • FREE creamies! And entire box of FREE creamies. 24 delicious, refreshing creamies. FOR FREE!!
  • Fair food. Deep fried. Delicious. Fattening. Fair food!
Things that made me swear:
  • Getting lost, in the middle of nowhere, after dark. Damn you fields of sagebrush! Why do ya'll look so similar?
  • My toe meeting Jami's fireplace up close and personal. Damn you fireplace! I kicked you as hard as I could and you didn't even flinch. Cheeky showoff!
  • Ellen DeGeneres' a judge on American Idol. {The writer says as she rolls her eyes in disgust} Aren't there better choices out there? Maybe somebody who, you know SINGS! Seems like that would have came up in the interview:
Overpaid American Idol Interviewer guy: Miss DeGeneres, you are right, you're an excellent candidate for our show. You have a familiar name, you host a talk show, you are quite the comedian plus you hosted the Oscars (or Emmy's or Grammys or whatever it is you hosted). However, our show is a singing show. You know, where people sing. You would be a judge on that singing show. You would need to judge people's ability to sing! How long did you say you've been in the music business? I wonder if Kanye West has her back too. Things that made me cry:
  • Seeing our first little house neglected, uncared for and foreclosed. I think your first house is like your first love. Somewhere, deep down, you will always care for them.
  • Visiting my Uncle Mark. Why do some people have to suffer so badly and so much? It just doesn't seem fair. His strength amazes me.
  • Getting home from Jami's house and standing on the scale. Oh, good heavens! I most definitely should've passed up that second hamburger. Or maybe it was the mashed potatoes with cheese AND sour cream. Or was it the chicken sandwich? I know for a fact that it WASN'T the enormous blueberry muffin that I had for breakfast. It couldn't have been. That thing was way too good to have done something so offensive. Plus, {verily, verily I say unto you} it had blueberries in it so it's considered health food.
Things that made me smile:
  • The birth of Alivia Jane, my newest niece. Bringing my niece and nephew tally to 27, FYI.
::Picture from their blog::
  • Jace turning one.
::The one year old at the park::
  • Brynlee wrapping all of Jace's birthday presents {plus a handful of things that in fact, already belonged to him} all by herself!
  • Visting with old friends.
  • The last thing Spencer saying before walking out the door, "I don't even know why I'm going to this meeting. I would never be on that board." The first thing Spencer saying after attending said meeting, "How the crap did I get suckered into joining that board!"
  • Jace getting on the trampoline unassisted.
Things that I've been loving:
  • The change of season.
  • Canning.
  • My house.
  • Visiting family.
  • My kids.
::Picking cattails by Jami's house::

  • Their dad.


Jessica said...

I love grandma's cards (I love that she spends hours picking out the card itself and if she doesn't find the "right" one she apologizes for it not being the right card!!) and Maddie wrapped up Livvie's stuff for her 1st birthday too!

Jami said...

Kim- It has been so much fun spending time with you and the kiddo's....I am glad that you got home safe. I was really makes me want to come and give you and Jace and Brynlee lots of hugs and kisses (Spencer just hugs....well maybe just one kiss) YES...I was that worried...anyways cute pictures on the blog you do it so well!!!

P.S. DON'T say's naughty!! Your being a bad example to me....:)!!!

Anonymous said...

Yah and if you don't believe she was worried, I can testify to that. She scared the crap out of me as well......


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