Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 14 of 30: Hobo Dinners

We made Hobo Dinners (a.k.a. Tinfoil Dinners, a.k.a. The-food-that-you-eat-when-you-go-camping Dinners) in the wood burning stove today. They were good. It was fun. We enjoyed ourselves. But it still didn’t take away the fact that we had to start a fire today to fight the chill from the snow! {insert rolling eyes here} Oh, how I want spring to come and stay!


gretta said...

I love tin foil dinners I crave them every time I'm pregnant. Sorry it was snowing there I got a sun burn because the weather was so nice and I momentarily forgot about sun block

The Jones Family said...

I like making these every once in a while at home, easy, good, mostly healthy and fun for a change...but Jason not as fond of.
I wish we had a fire place!!!Luckieeeeeee!

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