Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Starting to feel the void

Last year at Christmas time Spence and I debated over what we should buy each other for Christmas. I voted for some home décor items and a new wardrobe. Spencer surprisingly didn’t agree and voted for a Man TV. Somehow I gave in, and the Man TV made its way to our house.

And now that we have the TV, I have to admit that Barney and Baby Bop sure do look a lot better in a 57 inch high-def television. The truth is that I don’t watch much TV that doesn’t involve hamsters, turtles and baby chicks with speech impediments dressed in costume.

Well, here it is 6 months later and the Man TV is broken. Seriously, broken. 6 months!

This would have never happened if we would have gone with my choice and purchased some wall hangings and a new wardrobe (although, the clothes wouldn’t fit me anymore…but that’s trivial details people).

I called the magical TV doctors to get the TV fixed and the nice man on the phone informed me that it would be 10-14 days before our television would be returned. TEN TO FOURTEEN DAYS!! What are they going to do build a rocket out of the thing?

However, since it did need fixed, and I couldn’t do it myself, I politely agreed and they showed up on Saturday morning and left us with this:

In complete honesty, aside from our morning dosage of cartoons, I really haven’t missed the TV all that much. Well, until now! Brynlee and I just got home from a long day of pushing a Racecar Cart around the grocery store and arguing over what things she could and couldn’t add to my quickly growing collection in the cart. She is FINALLY taking a nap and all I want to do is sit in front of the Man TV with a glass of milk and a PB&J (it might just be the hormones talking, but it really does sound delicious).

To top it off I am truly worried about Bryn’s Spanish. I hope she doesn’t fall behind while Diego, Dora and Manny continue to teach other children to become bilingual in the context of having a monkey for a best friend while climbing up Rainbow Mountain and visiting with a socket wrench.
All I have to say is thank goodness American Idol has ended or I might be showing up at your house tonight (with my milk and sandwich) to watch Paula make a compete fool out of herself while Randy Jackson argues that the song was just alright for him, dawg, it was just alright.


sarah louise said...

Kim I just wanted to tell you that you should write books! You are a great writer. It is fun to read what you write. You make me laugh!

Hey did you know there is a new show out there that teaches your kids Chinese? It is Kia-lan (or something like that). My kids can now speak spanish and chinese! And who says that TV is bad for them?

Janita said...

I second the suggestion you write a book - your blogs are so engaging!

Sorry about the man TV. :(

Anonymous said...

I would buy your book.


Sorry I deleted the first comment, but I mispelled about three of the five words I wrote.

Lacy said...

me too, I'd read your book :) sorry you had to eat your p&j starring at the void.

Jenni said...

Maybe it will only take 10 days to fix instead of 14. Yeah right!

Kimberlee said...

You all are far to kind! However, I am not sure that the daily joys of a over emotional pregnant lady raising a two year old would be that fun for anyone other than family and friends to read. And since you all would receive a copy of the book as an unwanted Christmas present (which would have NO cash value if you returned it) I don't think it would be a financially sound idea for me to write a book.

Plus, I enjoy reading all of your blogs and comments far more than you could enjoy reading mine!

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