Friday, July 1, 2011

Photo Album: We Camped

The camping gang~
Spencer's brother Matt and his family: Tracy, Jill (she left early - something about school work - so she's not in the picture), Paige, Carrie & Charolette
Spencer's sister Sarah and her family:  Brett, Gavin, Bryn & Alec
And us.

Paige & Jace

Hula Hoopin'
Aunt Tracy sent a hula hoop home with Brynlee.  It's a new favorite toy at our house.

Camping 101: S'mores must be made daily.

Matt & his beautiful girls.
It was so fun to get to know Matt's girls better.  They are super fun.

Family Photo
Oh, how I love these guys.


Sailing paper boats.

The scenery was beautiful.
And the company fantastic.
Can't wait to do it again.

P.S.  Our life has been jam packed with more summer fun and goodness since our camping trip last weekend.  We just got home from my big sister, Jessica's, house and then spent the day today hanging out with my little sister, Jami, and her kids.  It was a great day.  Right now the washing machine is cleaning clothes to be put back into suitcases and earlier today I filled the gas tank for yet another summer get-a-way. I think filling the gas tank as become the theme of Summer 2011.  Well that and completely exhausting my runts so that it's is impossible for them to keep their little eyes open past 7:30pm.  And as an added bonus my toy room has stayed clean since the beginning of June.  Fist pump!

Anyway, I was planning on starting another 30 pictures in 30 days challenge for the month of July but I left my computer charger at my sister's house.  Dang.  I will have to tell you about my plan just as soon as I'm able to turn my computer on. 

Until then, happy July. 


Natalie said...

Happy July girlie! Look at that fun group camping :) Looks like you had a blast!

Emily said...

So much fun! Where did you go?

Kerry said...

So much fun!! I want to come too ;) Save me a s'more...(never had one but heard so much about them - yum!)

kylee said...

double dutch! used to play that in elementary school. so hard but so fun. what a fun way to spend your weekend!

Kimberlee said...

A campground in Logan Canyon, Emily. Everything was flooded up there. Ours was actually the only campground open.

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