Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 10, Way 10

I think the best part of vacationing is coming come again.  Especially when your two cute kiddos are waiting for your return.  It’s funny how - even though they weren’t with us - Brynlee & Jace stole almost every conversation Spencer and I had on our get-a-way.  They really are our everything.

And I’m happy to report that they did awesome while we were gone.  I was a bit nervous to leave them but honestly, I don’t think they even missed us.  Katie spoiled them absolutely rotten and would update me periodically with cute little texted pictures {how well does my sister know me} of them at the soft play, or eating frozen yogurt, or at the pet store.  If I were them I wouldn’t have missed us either.  Aunt Kate is so cool.

Thanks Kate!  You’re the best.   

Completely unrelated: A while ago I posted a photo I had taken of my dad’s farm at sunset.

We celebrated the 4th of July with Spencer’s side of the family this year and my talented sister-in-law, Gretta, surprised me with a hand painted rendition of my dad’s farm at sunset.  She did a beautiful job, and it was such a fun, personalized gift to receive.  Thanks Gretta.  I love it. 

And also, a few more pictures of us celebrating the 4th with a pool party at Grandma M’s house.  We played in the sandbox, ate ice-cream from Grandma’s well stocked ice-cream freezer, swam in the pool, ate Spence’s mom’s fried chicken {it really is as good as everyone rumors it to be}, went to the theater to watch Cars II, ate watermelon, did fireworks & sparklers, lit up the night with glow sticks and played with cousins and visited with siblings that we don’t see that often. 

And speaking of Grandma M. she turns 60 today.  Happy 60th Birthday from us here in Idaho!


Natalie said...

Of course when away from the kids all we do is talk about the kids! Love the pics as always and that was such a thoughtful gift!

Jami said...

The painting is really good! Great Job, Gretta!

Katie said...

That painting turned out awesome!! So cool!!

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