Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 16, Way 16

Another day, another list.  Because. . . well, why not?!
·    Yesterday before dinner Brynlee begged to get her craft on.  On a whim I suggested turning a pair of her flip-flops into water balloon shoes.  Success, she loved them.  Today the little neighborhood crew {Lauren + Lauren + Ryan} showed up on my doorstep begging for me to show them how to make water balloon shoes.  I hope their moms weren’t upset that they tied a bunch of water balloons to their flip-flops.  Truthfully though, how could they be?  It’s like a party for your feet.
·    I stained the deck this morning.  Finished the deck, stood back and admired it for a good half hour {my ritual every time I finish a project} looked away for 2 seconds, turned back around and. . . a bird had pooped all over my freshly stained deck!  White bird poop EVERYWHERE!  Go figure.
·    But for the good news, I stained the entire deck with only one set of little feet getting painted the same color as the deck.  Not bad.
·    Jace has been craving some one on one daddy time lately.  If Spencer leaves for work without giving him fives + knuckles + noggins + kisses + hugs + more fives + more knuckles + more noggins + more kisses - Jace cries.  And if he sleeps in and Spencer leaves for work before he wakes up it’s like the end of the world.  Only worse.  Anyway, Jace needed a Saturday.  I don’t think he left Spencer’s side all day long.  Daddy is his favorite superhero.
·    While I crossed a few things off on my never-ending list of stupid things that needs done around the house, and Spencer and his two-year-old job shadow did their thing, Brynlee went swimming over at the Country Club with the little neighborhood crew {Lauren + Lauren + Ryan}.  She had a ball and came back a lovely shade of holy sunburnt!  I hate when my kids get sunburns.  It makes me feel so guilty.
·    Scrubs stuff:  I think Ted and his band are rad!  Seriously, I tap my foot every.single.time they sing.
·    The End.

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JHRME said...

Gah! Stupid birds. Where's the picture of the party on her feet!?

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