Thursday, October 29, 2009

Second verse same as the first

Do you know what I am?

I’m a person with a smorgasbord of widely annoying and quite dreadfully irritating qualities: I talk way too fast, and way too loud, my laugh is exaggerated and borderline nauseating, I interrupt during conversation, I finish other people’s sentences, I tell the same story over and over again, I’m unfashionably late, I’m harshly tone deaf but sing anyway, I get lost, I worry about things that don’t need worried about, I’m the queen of good intentions, sometimes I fail to follow through, etc., etc., etc.!

I also tend to gravitate toward consistency. It comforts me.

It’s the reason that I used the exact same calculator in my freshman math class as I did in my college statistics class. It’s the same calculator I use today; and I will continue to use it until it breaks or I lose it. The calculator does nothing but adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides. My statistics professor recommended that I invest in a new, more advanced calculator. I didn’t!

It’s the reason that I keep a dayplanner. I started keeping my first dayplanner in 1998. I was sixteen years old and a sophomore in highschool. I will continue to keep a dayplanner.

It’s the same reason that I try to blog semi-regularly. It irritates me to be inconsistent and to have a huge gap in my bloggy journal.

And it’s the reason that I’m going to repeat “30 pictures in 30 days”. I love more of the same. It makes me happy. It seems consistent. So for the month of November I will be posting a picture a day for thirty days just like I did back in April. And, just like I will do again in the future. Because I’m me. And consistency is one of my qualities.

I would love for you to join me if you wish. Do you want to? Jenni?

And in the meantime we will be pacing our lovely abode awaiting Halloween.


sarah louise said...

Number 1: That is the cutest picture ever! I love that little girl.

Number 2: I think we are clones in many ways.

Number 3: I want to do this, however, not in November. I need to pick a month that isn't so busy, because if I was too busy and skipped a day...I wouldn't be able to sleep at night :) Consistancy (aka OCD) is my game too!

Jenni said...

I just might join in on the fun again. We'll see come Nov. 1.

Mikey, Anna, and Lillie said...

I'm excited I loved your "30 pictures in 30 days." I would join you but a quality I lack is consistency. I'm okay with it though because I feel it makes me really pliable, but I secretly wish I was more consistent too.

Anonymous said...

The things you say make you annoying, are the qualities I love about you! :) I admire your goal and your consistency. You go, girl. Cute pics!

Nick and Karalynn said...

Oh what the heck - I'll give it a shot.

Lacy said...

ok, I shall do 30 pictures in 30 days.
Brynlee as a which is so cute! Jace as Tigger is pretty cute too :) Jordan was Tigger too...but it wasn't his wasn't quite so cute :)

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