Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 9, Way 9

Spence and I’s conversation from this evening:

K: Are there any dishes in the toy room?  If so, will you bring them to the kitchen?
S: {gets up to do a dish check}
K: Oh, and while you’re up . . .it’s trash day tomorrow.  Can you take trash and recycling to the curb?
S: Um sure. {brings a few stray dishes to the sink}
K: Sorry to be so bossy.
S: That’s okay.  After all these years I’ve gotten used to it.
K: {sarcastic chuckle}
S: It’s just the system we’ve worked out over our eight years of marriage.
K: A system huh?  I boss, you do?
S: Yup! {as he grabs the last of the garbage from the kitchen and heads to the garage door}
K: {laughing} Honestly though Spence, that’s the #1 reason I would never leave you. . . it would take way too long to train your replacement.

Well that and 100 thousand million billion other reasons.  Love you, Spencer.  Thanks for spending the weekend with just me.  And thanks even more for making the last eight years wonderful.  And fun!  And for always holding up your end on our ‘I boss, you do’ system.  Promise to always to that and we are sure to make it at least eight more years. 

Spencer and I celebrating eight years


Kristen said...

oh! LOVE it!!! too cute! we just celebrated 9 years marriage (wow. 9!). We "get through it" with our standard line, "joke's on you, you married me!"....that line pops up a lot!

Natalie said...

Happy 8 years of marriage to you guys! Hey if the system works, it works. If it isn't broke, don't fix it :) So happy you got to spend the weekend with just the two of you!

Jami said...

I am not going to say Happy Anniversary until tomorrow okay! I can see Spencer just picking up those dishes and taking out the trash just as fast as he can ALWAYS with a funny little joke or his off the wall sayings!! HAHA!! What a doofus! Thanks for making my sister so HaPPy SPENCER!

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