Thursday, July 14, 2011

12 on the 12th [The July Chapter]

01. Waffles. Spence got up early and made waffles + fresh strawberries for breakfast.  Happy Anniversary to me. 
02. Super Hero.  Finished the wall art for Jace’s superhero room.  Next up, finding some cool, old school comics to be framed.  I’ve mentioned that my boy thinks he was sent here to save the world, right?
03. Mini horse and buggy.  A lady and her son rode through the park on a little buggy attached to a tiny horse.  It was so cute.  And weird.  What the heck?
04. Wet.  The kids spent an hour and a half playing in the small stream at the park.  They were soaked and muddy, but happy.  Luckily I keep a back-up stash of spare clothes in the car for such occasions.
05. Worm.  Brynlee found “Slimy the Worm” for herself, and “Baby Slimy the Worm” for Jace. 
06. Sun.  I love this picture I snapped while laying on the picnic blanket writing this blog post.  I think the sun is the perfect sun shape as it shines through the tree branches. 
07. Gymnast.  Brynlee loves her summer gymnastics class.  She’s having a hard time deciding what she wants to do in the fall.  More dance, or more gymnastics.  For the record, Spencer is heavily rooting for gymnastics.
08. Ice-Cream.  Marie hung out with us while dad had a dentist appointment in our town.  We meet Spencer for an afternoon ice-cream cone.  It was the perfect way to cool off.  I adore summer.
09. Errand.  Picking up some mulch at the garden center.
10. Green.  My new bench.  An anniversary present from my sweetheart.
11. Chinese.  Dinner out with Mom, Dad, Marie, Kate & Jake.  Mandarin House - a ‘when my mom comes to town’ standard.  It’s her favorite.
12. Sharing.  We went on a quick calm down walk before bedtime.  Ended up doing more neighborhood visiting than walking.  My sweet neighbor, Mary, gifted me with her already read June’s issue of Better Homes and Garden and some perennial starts for my flower beds. 

12 on the 12th inspired by her.


Charlotte said...

How much fun that 12of12 coincides with your anniversary! Congratulations!

And the picture of that ice cream cone is making me drool here. And it's only 8:30 in the morning. Yum.

kylee said...

yummm. waffles, strawbrries, ice cream & syrup. that is the way to eat a waffle every time. wow, am i really going to comment on all the food pictures? that ice cream looks sooo good. my one true obsession. lovin your new bench! the color is so fun!

The Dayleys said...

I love seeing your 12!! Fresh mulch and perennials are the best! Plus I adore your darling green anniversary bench. What a sweet gift!

JHRME said...

Um superhero room!? COOL! Show us more?

Kerry said...

I always love your 12 on the 12th!! It really captures just some of the precious things you have been doing without too much explanation...i have been wanting to join in but never remember to on the 12th lol.
Have a wonderful weekend (thanks for your recent comment too!)

Megan said...

Love your sun picture. And I really like your new green bench! Happy Annivsary!!

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