Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 15, Way 15

·    Brynlee’s best friend from preschool, Tyson, spent the afternoon at our house.  She was so excited to have him over and they had such a great time.  They have the sweetest little friendship.
·    Jace {lil' stinker} tossed a rock yesterday and it hit Brynlee.  Either he has really bad aim and it was an accident or he has really good aim and it was just what he was hoping for, who knows.  But nonetheless, it hit Brynlee.  Before I even had a chance to reprehend he ran up to me and said me probably needs a time out.  Little skunk.  Time outs don’t faze him in the least.  I think he secretly enjoys them, actually.
·    So very opposite of Brynlee.  I mention the idea of a timeout and good crap, waterworks.  She apologizes, begs for mercy and makes promises of never doing it again.  It’s funny the little things that make siblings different.
·    After yesterday’s plans of spending the day at the reservoir fell through, the kids and I spent the entire afternoon at the skating rink.  It was a fun day and Brynlee is so proud of her skating ability.  She looks adorably ridiculous {which is different than ridiculously adorable} when she skates.  Made me smile.  I recorded her in action just so I could show Spencer how cute {read: goofy} she was.  Made him smile too.   
·    We start swimming lessons on Monday.  I’m praying for a swimming lesson session {swimming lesson session, say that five times fast} with no tears.  Fingers crossed.
·    Jace is getting so big.  I love that kid, he has us constantly laughing.  His new favorite phrase . . . That. Was. Awesome.
·    I can’t believe it is already Friday.  And I can’t believe it is already July 15!  And I can’t believe 2011 is more than half over!
·    Happy weekend!
·    P.S. I’m halfway through my little “Celebrating Summer” series. 


kylee said...

i've been loving your celebrating summer pictures. loving them. you guys are surely living summer to the fullest.

Kerry said...

I too love reading all about your summer, you have a fun writing style, it is always a joy dropping by your blog :)
Happy weekend to you!!

Natalie said...

That is such an awesome pic! I have a feeling he had really good aim and thought hmmm wonder what this will be like if I hit my sister!

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