Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 27, Way 27

today we: ate scones for breakfast. went to swimming lessons.  brooke joined us.  went to the park for lunch.  made crafts.  colored princesses.  went to storytime at the library.  made a pirate spy glass.  watched a movie in the theater.  snuck in suckers and m&m’s for a snack.  jami & zeb switched vehicles, for good.  {welcome to the club you guys} ate popsicles.  sprinklers under the tramp and the tiny swimming pool.  swings and a gross sandbox.  debated going to the swimming pool.  decided against it.  debated going to revive at five.  decided against it.  grilled pizza instead.  four pizza’s actually.  labeled ourselves dang good cooks.  the lil’ girls climbed trees.  with a helmet, knee pads, long pants and winter mittens.  because you can never be too safe.  allowed a few minutes to trash the toy room then tucked into bed four tuckered kiddos.  they were exhausted and went to bed without complaint.  spence + jake + zeb watched batman.  kim + jami flipped through old pictures and solved the world’s problems.  while laying in bed, naturally.  i love when family comes to visit.  always makes for a great day.
Brynlee & Brooke climbing trees - in full tree climbing gear

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