Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Celebrating Summer: 31 days, 31 ways

This is me, you guys. 

I’m a dork.  I have no fashion style.  Sometimes I slop food down the front of my shirt – and then continue wearing the shirt without a second thought.  My feet are gross.  I’ve been telling myself ‘I’ll start my diet tomorrow’ for about a year now.  Maybe tomorrow.  I obsessively make lists.  I eat pickles straight from the jar.  I turn into a motor mouth at bed time.  I’m calmest when my house is clean and happiest when I’m with my family.  I forget to think before I talk which often results in me saying stupid things.  I have a tendency to over schedule.  I’m determined and hardheaded and once I’ve made up my mind it’s hard to sway me.

Which is why I’m starting July’s 30 Pictures in 30 Days challenge even though it is already July 6th.  Because my mind was made up.  And telling myself not to do something after I’ve already decided to do it is like telling my kids to just eat one Otter Pop when they are running around outside in their swimsuits.  Not gonna happen!

Plus the only reason I didn’t start on July 1st is that we’ve been out of town and my computer has been dead and I didn’t have the charger and it was the 4th of July and there was fried chicken to be eaten and fireworks to watch and swimming pools to swim in and 4 wheelers to ride and water games to play and sisters to talk to and miles to be driven and a million other legit excuses.

But anyway, here it begins:

My goal?  To post a celebrating summer picture every day for the entire month of July.  Which will actually make it 31 pictures is 31 days.

Disclaimer:  I take pictures with the exact same purpose that I keep a blog.  To remember.  I’m not a photographer.  I’m simply a mom with a camera and a goal to document our life one blog post at a time.

In case you’re interested, previous 30 pictures in 30 day challenges:

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Megan said...

I really like your openness in this post. Are you making up your own 31 photos in July or are you following a prompt?

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