Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Photo Album: Jace's Fourth

Archie brought over chicken noodle soup this evening. Like, the homemade kind. With homemade noodles and everything.

Brynlee had spent most the weekend with watery eyes and a runny nose and woke up this morning with a cough that would make healthy children’s mothers cringe, so I kept her home from church. Spence kindly offered to be the responsible adult that ditched church to tend to the sick while Jace and I attended church. I mentioned to Lise that my people were home with the bug and voilĂ  a special delivery of homemade soup.

I felt the tiniest bit guilty about the whole soup thing {except for not guilty enough to pass on downing two bowls} since I had yet to brainstorm a good way to thank them for the boxes of potatoes they had left on my doorstep earlier in the week. You know the kind of people that you hope to someday be just like? Well, that’s Archie and Lise. Coolest people ever. And someday, someday, I’m going to be as cool as them. But first I need to learn how to make a mean batch of homemade chicken noodle soup. So, until then … expect me to continue in my mediocre ways {sigh}.

Anyway, Jace’s 4th birthday in photos:

we did our traditional birthday doughnuts topped with candles for breakfast || went birthday shopping for new shoes || spent some time at the park || ate lunch at jace’s choice: mcdonalds || and spent the birthday afternoon swimming, per jace’s request. || there was also kiwi loco || a streamer decorated birthday party || and cupcakes + presents.

cute little birthday card brynlee made for jace
notice little baby marlee in spence's arms.

when dad's around even undecorating the party is a party
I can’t believe my little guys four. I am such a lucky gal to get to be his mom.


Jaelynn said...

What a fun day! Have you're getting so big! I'm so glad you had such a fun birthday!!

Jami said...

What a cool little dude! As Jace says, I am glad he had an "awesome" birthday!

kylee said...

that picture of all of you wearing masks, i love it.

Kate said...

Marlee as Hulk? Awesome.

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