Friday, September 14, 2012

12 on the 12th [09.12.12]

01.   7:52 am. Spence and Brynlee all kissed goodbye and headed off to school and work.
02.  Meds. And so it begins, I guess. Jace woke up with a bug: sore throat, watery eyes and boogers … so, so many boogers. I am not one bit ready for sick-y weather! And I’m assuming, with it being Jace’s first year of preschool, we are in for a doozie this winter. Bleh.
03.  Phone call. Jace has learned how to call Spence all by himself. And 78% of the time he gets it right. If you receive a prank call or two from my number rest assured that Jace is just trying to get a hold of his daddy.  
04. Baby Thor in training. Jace is constantly playing with Marlee. The two of them sword fight, play superheroes and build lego castles together. Most the time Marlee cat naps through their adventures; it doesn’t even seem to bother Jace. Today he was teaching a sleeping Marlee how to hold his new {birthday} Thor hammer.  
05. Dose of Vitamin D. We spent most the afternoon outside riding bikes, hoping the sun’s rays {in all their glory} would {magically} zap away the boogers. No cigar.
06. 20 minutes a day. Today’s books of choice for reading homework time. Brynlee breezed through the Skippyjon Jones book like an old reading pro-ito. It was the perfect boost of confidence for my little reader.
07.  A girl, a balloon, and a slide.  The leftover birthday balloons from Jace’s party have been recycled for endless hours of entertainment.   
08. Praying Mantis. Found this little guy while watering Brynlee’s pumpkin plant. Actually, there wasn’t anything little about him – that thing was huge!
09.  Rainbow. Brynlee kept asking a million question of what this color mixed with that color makes. I let her discover for herself.
10.  6:00 pm. Jace feel asleep while we were in process of making dinner. I did the late naptime debate {you’ve had that debate, haven’t you} and decided to chance it. I carried him up to his bed and, as it turns out, I made the right choice. Minus a midnight potty break he slept until 6:50 the next morning.  
11.   Get Well Card. Later in the evening, when I went to check on Jace, I found a love note from Brynlee on his nightstand.  {I love you. I hope you git bedr soon!
12.  Dinner help. My two girlies helping prepare homemade pizza for dinner.


Jami said...

So where was my text for the 12th?!? I was totally gonna do it this time!! HA! Hope little Jace buddy is feeling better, and we really need to come visit..that little girl is getting way to big! I love Brynlees note! Kinda reminds me of a way a redneck would write it...haha!

kylee said...

i love that you let her discover for herself instead of telling her the answers, that's some good mothering right there! (as if i knew what good mothering is, i am nowhere near that stage in life). i am dying over that cute note from brynlee to jace.

Jaelynn said...

Totally spaced the 12th this month! And seriously, Brynlee has got to be the best big sister ever. Hope the little guy gets bedr soon!

Megan Bailey said...

I love that Marlee sleeps through Jace's playing. And the note from Brynlee is adorable!

Jami said...

HaHa...I just looked looked at this first picture again, and Spencer could easily be confused as Brynlees Jr High brother, walking with his little sis to the bus stop, with his lunch in his plastic sack..thats all!

Kimberlee said...

Haha...especially funny because his lunch IS in that plastic sack.

Spence says ... well ... at least I'm not a stupidhead!

So, take that!

Jami said...

True, Nerdy, but not a stupidhead!

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