Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thirty Days Hath September: Day 18-30

Marlee is a now a full circle roller. Stomach, to back. Back, to stomach. And then stomach to back again. I know I say it nearly every single blog post but I think it deserves to be said again: she is getting so gosh dang big, so gosh dang fast.

We had such a good time at the Beauty and the Beast play on Friday evening. Marlee stayed awake the entire time and was completely in awe of all the lights and noises. Jace got a tiny bit scared when the Beast made his first entrance on stage, but by intermission he was over it. And then, by the end, the Beast was his favorite character. Brynlee loved every minute of it, but I fully expected her to0 - we have yet to go to a production that she didn’t love.

And then on Saturday we had birthday doughnuts for breakfast and in honor of his special day I didn’t even make Spence help me clean the toy room.

Let’s see, what else?

It’s October and I melted Autumn Sunset in my Scentsy warmer today. Spencer signed up for another class … one step closer to his masters, I guess. The exterior of my house is getting taken over by box elder bugs and I had one climbing in my hair today. We have two pumpkins growing in our backyard and the kids have made their final decisions on their Halloween costumes for this year. Jace has requested hot chocolate nearly every single morning lately and its general conference this weekend which makes me excited. I got a massage yesterday {my first one ever}, and today my back is black and blue {is that normal?}. I caught Brynlee using the very, very top of the swing set as a makeshift balance beam. Awesome, and dangerous. And Jace got to wear his pajamas to preschool today … they learned about nocturnal animals.

Oh, and one more thing. Never do business with Insurance Designers. Never, ever. Never, ever, ever, ever.


Anyway, the wrap up of my thirty days of September posts:

d a y  e i g h t e e n : haircutting day

d a y  n i n e t e e n : baby kissable
d a y  t w e n t y : in the crib

d a y  t w e n t y o n e : jedi, in training

d a y  t w e n t y o n e : soccer, picture day

d a y  t w e n t y t h r e e : backyard mega jenga
d a y  t w e n t y f o u r : piano recital

d a y  t w e n t y f i v e : my helper

d a y  t w e n t y s i x : wednesday afternoon

d a y  t w e n t y s e v e n : taken by brynlee
d a y  t w e n t y e i g h t : birthday cake baking
d a y  t w e n t y n i n e : homecoming parade
d a y  t h i r t y : two headed monster || alternative title: my boys are nerds


Megan Bailey said...

My favorite is all three of them on the counter. And the last photo is pretty funny too.

Jaelynn said...

It's pretty dang obvious how much those kids love that little Marlee, and vice versa I'm sure! Love you all!

Beth said...

Yep, Matthew thought the last photo was funny. I'm impressed you finished up (and we're having an infestation also, yuk!!!!).

Jessica said...

I love the crib picture! But all of them are pretty cute!

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