Monday, September 3, 2012

Thirty Days Hath September: Day 1-3

d a y  o n e : aunt sarah + a sleepy marlee bug
we spent our Saturday celebrating a baptism for an adorable eight year old alec. and alec spent his saturday getting baptized and then {somewhat unsuccessfully} fighting a swarm of angry bees. three stings for alec, one for bryn, and one for charlotte. poor kiddos.
d a y  t w o : sunday drive up buckskin
The leaves are coloring, the air is crisp and i feel change a coming on.

d a y  t h r e e : picnic at edahow
in other news: brynlee discovered a whole new level of playground talent, she can now do the monkey bars forwards and backwards.
also, in other news, one of my favorite jace remarks that never got written down: when we were evacuated from our house during the fire we sat on aunt kate’s front steps and watched as the smoke billowed near our house. jace watched quietly for some time and then very sincerely said, “i wish I could turn into the real spiderman and go fight that fire!” it made me smile. and there is no doubt in my mind that if he were able, he would have.


Jami said...

I sense more posts coming on, and I am excited about that! Brynlee is quite the talented little girl and Jace you would make an awesome Spiderman!!! Hope you enjoy your first real day of preschool buddy!!!

Jami said...

Oh, and remember Spiderman LOVED pre-school!!! That is where is learned all his talent!!

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