Sunday, September 9, 2012

a reunion for the family

My sister in law, Gretta, planned the first ever M’s family reunion this year. Bless her heart. She did a great job organizing everything and – best part - nobody killed anybody. So you know, a smashing success.

liz found a snake.
now see, i would have ran for my life if i saw a snake.
and then probably peed my pants.
but liz, she picks it up and plays with it.

I love this picture of Spence and his 14 year old nephew.
Someday Spence is going to hit his growth spurt too.

cool family tree craft that gretta had us do
i love it!
{look at marlee's thumb print down there on the bottom ... so cute}

1 comment:

Megan Bailey said...

How cute. I wish my family did reunions like this. I can't tell you the last time my whole family was together before the funerals. :(

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