Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend summed up

blossoms on our tree
“Mom!” Brynlee exclaimed when she first woke up this morning, “It smells like summer!” It was warm enough to leave the windows open last night, and her bedroom sits in direct aroma trail of the crabapple tree. It’s in full bloom, and smells like a million bouquets of fresh flowers. And, when the sun’s rays hit it just right, it paints her bedroom and the dining room the perfect color of summer sunrise pink. Come fall time Spencer will be cursing that very tree for raining crabapples on his lawn. But right now, that tree could do no wrong. It’s springtime beauty. As are the tulips and daffodils and blooming periwinkle.

Honestly though, the last few days have been so warm that it feels as if we skipped springtime entirely and dove headfirst into summer. Our days have been filled with sunscreen, popsicles and the sprinkler under the trampoline.
We spent Saturday in the burning sun at our town’s Environment Fair where we ate hotdogs and listened to our neighbor boy’s band play {the neighbor boy’s band, which is different that our neighbor’s boy band f.y.i.}. We wrapped up the day with a scoop of ice-cream at Farrs.
On Sunday after church we loaded up our bikes and spent the afternoon rotating between bike rides on the bike trail and playing on our town’s newest resort of a playground: Brooklyn’s playground.

Over the weekend Spencer and I were also able to sneak in a hot date. Dinner and a movie {thanks mom}. We’ve also been grilling dinner outside, doing yard work, running around in our swimming suits {not me so much} and running around barefoot. I love warm weather!  
at the environmental fair
notice the batman logo face paint that left the left side of his shirt a lovely shade of grease stained black
in the sprinklers
flying her homemade kite
water balloons on the trampoline


Jaelynn said...

You guys have way too much fun.. As in, I want to join in immediately! Glad your summer is starting off well!

kylee said...

how dare summer come before i finish finals. homemade kite?! sayyy what?! coolest thing ever!

KERRY said...

I am so cold right now as I sit here and read your blog!! Brrrr Autumn is setting in for sure and look at you all swimming and flying kites! I am happy for you though, get on out there and enjoy every second of warmth and sunshine!! There's no better feeling when you emerge from a cold Winter :)

Rachel said...

That tree is AWESOME! I want to smell summer too!!! It is so cold here today, 49 degrees and 50 mph winds. Yuck. And yesterday was so nice. That kite is pretty dang cool, I want to know more about how you made it..... I hope you guys are doing well!!

Lacy said...

That is a beautiful tree! ...and hello! You've had a birthday - a 30th birthday. I've been thinking about you. I was actually going to call you yesterday, but that didn't work out so well. So this is your I love you, your wonderful, Happy Birthday message.

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