Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Post-it Notes: Had a Bad Day

The “a” key on my laptop sticks. As does the q,w,z,x and the number buttons 1-5. Aaaaannnnnnd so does the shift, caps lock and tab key. Actually almost every key on the left hand side of my keyboard are now sticky. Typing is now a much bigger workout for my left hand than it is for my right hand. Poor left hand, it gets tired.

I blame it on the glass of grape sparkling cider that yours truly gracefully spilt on my laptop earlier this month. Mainly because, well that’s what caused it.

[sidenote: "Yours truly"??  What exactly does that mean?  What if I'm not being true?  "Yours white lyingly"  "Yours just kidding"  "Yours ha!, had you going there".]

[continuing on]

My computer during surgery.
Thankfully after a little open heart surgery Spencer was able to revive my laptop. The hard drive survived, as did the memory, and all the other important feature of my electronic BFF. But it has some very obvious battle wounds like, you know, the sticky keys. 

The sparkling cider incident happened the same day that I got into a little fender bender with a big bright yellow pole that snuck behind my van when I wasn’t looking. Jerk.

Which was also the same day that I got a flat tire.

Which, incidentally, was also the same day that I discovered that I. Am. Awesome.


The end.


Jaelynn said...

Your day sounds like something I would totally be capable of doing myself. Makes a memory though, right?

mammabug said...

On the upside, Bad Days always come to an end.

Jami said...

I knew about the laptop but none of that other funny stuff....were you to embarresed to share?!?! Because you know me, I like myself a big lightpole to run into...;)

The Staley Family said...

OOooo that was a bad day. I'm glad is is done and over with and that we can all laugh about it WITH you now!

JHNickodemus said...

Oh man! As if the first wasn't enough.

The Kotlacova Cowgirl said...

If it makes you feel any better kim, today Josh finally fessed up to why he got home late, last night. He backed up into someone at the gas station. oops. Luckily for him Russian law says that if you back into someone it's not your fault, it's the guy you backed into!So technically that pole should have got a serious ticket.

Kimberlee said...

That's hilarious Rebecca. And how weird that Russian law makes it the backed into's fault. Lucky for Josh though.

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