Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Post-it Notes: When Leprechauns Come to Town

I think Brynlee will be disappointed when she learns the truth about Santa Claus. She’s a dreamer, a make-believer. So until she grows into the truth like all children eventually do I’ll eat the cookies. And when she and Jace leave milk (with a straw, because Santa has a beard, and he likes a straw), I’ll drink up. And leave a thank you note. And maybe chew on the carrots left for the reindeer, just a bit. Because it’s all about the magic.

And although I’m certain she will be a bit sad when the truth about Santa is discovered I think she will be even more devastated when she learns the truth of Leprechauns.

In fact, St. Patrick’s Day may be her very favorite holiday. She plans, she strategizes, she dreams and brainstorms and then spends her entire day in hunt of Leprechauns – real live Leprechauns – that she can catch, examine, and then share some of their gold.

I’m not entirely sure when or where the tradition of hunting for Leprechauns came to be. Probably some idea her dad had when she was barely starting to walk and talk, but every year it snowballs into something bigger. And this year was no different.

Truthfully, I was a little relieved when I saw that St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Saturday this year. An entire day filled with Leprechaun hunting can be a little daunting. It’s your year, I told Spencer, Leprechaun hunting is going to be you and the kids this year. So you can image my excitement when the day before St. Patrick’s Day Brynlee was certain she heard the garage door open all.by.itself. The Leprechauns have come early this year, she announced!

So under her direction we started our hunt. And this year, just like last year, and the year before, we came up empty handed.

But if asked, for a few more years at least, I’m going to tell my truth about Leprechauns {and Santa too}. I think it’s what works best for us all — it makes it magical. I won’t beat around the bush, or lamely say that if you don’t believe, they won’t come.

Of course. I think they’re real, I’ll say. With a smile.

And I might even spend the night before – while children are sleeping – turning furniture upside down, leaving trails of flour, and trashing the toy room in the Leprechaun’s honor.


Jami said...

HAHAHA! Brynlee and Jace and Beatrise are really lucky to have you and Spence as parents! I am glad you have fun with ALL the holidays!!!
Say What?!?!? Your not naming you baby Beatrise? Oh, I thought you loved the name....

Jo (@ boogaloo) said...


kylee said...

that's it. i want to be a mom. now. i should probably search for a nanny job asap.

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