Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The weekend before.

We spent last Sunday at my little sister’s house watching General Conference. The whole gang was there gathered around the television in Jami’s front room. Our family is getting bigger – ten grandkids now if you count my soon to be and ten-year-old Aunt Marie {and we do}. Add in the twelve adults and it’s loud when we hang out. Loud and rambunctious and a teeny bit overwhelming. Just as a family get-together should be.

Here’s five things that made me smile on General Conference Sunday.

One. Singing along with a YouTube video to the apostle song. We are learning it in primary in our ward and I think it’s so fun that I suggested that the entire family learn it.

Two. The fringed denim cowgirl duster. Enough said.

Three.  When dad broke Jami’s chair.

Four. Since we weren’t planning on all being together for Easter Weekend we celebrated with the Grandma & Grandpa Easter baskets a week early. The Grandma & Grandpa Bunny we call it. My mom tends to go a bit over board on holidays with bags for each kids of random randomness: shoes, clothes, random toys, treats, anything goes really. My mom gets a kick out of it, the kids love it, and grandpa pays for it.

Anyway, on Easter Sunday Brynlee leaned over during church and said, “Mom, when I grow up and have kids you will be there grandma, right?” I confirmed and she continued “Okay then…you HAVE to do the Grandma Bunny like Grandma B does because my kids need to be just as spoiled as your kids are!”

Five. The fact that Jace cried the entire way home because he wanted to go back to be with his cousins.

Okay, it made me smile at first. But about midway I was ready to throw him out the window. {And don’t think that I’m above threatening with such a thing.}
Searching for the Grandma Bunny Bags
The Girls
{minus Chloe}


Jami said...

Dang....I look really attractive in that first picture, don't I.....also do you think that we like our "techy" stuff.....It is funny how times changes and that some sort of "device" is always in pictures (not just us, but everybody)...anyways, fun stuff! It is always fun getting together and being dorks!

Jaelynn said...

So much fun to see everyone! And maybe you should have just made your little guy happy and turned around.. we could have just kept on partying!

Also, I just love Brynlee's excitement for St. Patrick's day. Cutest thing ever.

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