Friday, April 13, 2012

12 on the 12th [04.12.12]

01.   Gramps. We spent Wednesday night at The Xtreme Bull Riding Competition with my mom, dad and Marie {thanks for the hook up, Kate}. And then the grandparent gang spent the night at our house. It’s always fun when Grandpa, Grandma and Marie come.
02.   Cowboy Up. It was rodeo week at Brynlee’s school and to celebrate her class spent the 12th dressed in cowboy attire. Jace loved Brynlee’s hat and tried to talk her into wearing his Spiderman beanie instead so he could keep the straw hat at home with him.
03.   My Girl. At school. Minus her hat. Any guesses who is wearing it?
04.   Pancakes. Jace and I joined Brynlee’s class to volunteer at the early morning Rodeo Pancake Breakfast. I love that I am able to spend so much time volunteering in Brynlee’s school. It makes me happy.
05.   Silly Boy. And this little guy loves when he gets to tag along to volunteer at Brynlee’s school too.
Funny Jace story: the other day Spence asked Jace, “What’s up dude?” Jace answered, “Oh nothing, what’s up old man?!"
06.   Going Up. Elevator ride to my 31 week doctor’s appointment.
Also, this picture cracks me up. It looks like a surveillance video snapshot that’s put into the newspaper after the local convenience store has been robbed. If anybody has information on the white, pregnant, blonde seen in this photo please contact the local police department immediately.
07.   Weigh in’. And congratulations, my dear, it turns out that you’re carrying an elephant.
08.  Lunch. A Papa Kelsey’s lunch date for me and Jace.
09.   Produce. Followed by an afternoon of grocery shopping.
10.   Crashed. Poor Brynlee hasn’t quite felt herself for the last few days. She’s been a bit lethargic and complaining of headaches. She skipped yesterday’s gymnastics class for some Tylenol and an after school nap.
11.    It’s coming. Spring in my backyard.
12.    Boys. Scraps and nicks and circus tricks that’s what my boys are made of.
Hope everyone had a great 12th. Yesterday when I was putting together my 12th grid Spencer mentioned that we might only have one more 12th until we are a family of five. Crazy! And so exciting.
My parents and Aunt Marie are coming back down tonight for another sleepover and an evening with Brynlee and I at the local playhouse watching Saturday’s Warrior. And I have big plans of putting finishing touches on Brynlee’s new room and maybe even painting the crib this weekend. I’m thinking pink, but we’ll see.
Happy Friday {the 13th} you guys!


Laura said...

Looks like a wonderful simple day. Wishing you the best on the new baby.

Megan said...

I think i see a baby bump! So cute! Your day looks like it was a lot of fun. I love the comment about what jace said to his dad.

Jaelynn said...

Words cannot even express how jealous I am that you're going to Saturday's warrior. Do you have any idea how obsessed me and my sisters have always been with that movie? Really obsessed. Hope you guys have fun!

Also, cute pictures as usual! Love those kids!

sarah louise said...

There is a sickness going around my town (I had it too) that gives you a headache and fever for a few days. Maybe that is what Brynlee has, poor kid.

Jessica said...

So . . . I totally forgot it was the twelth until I read this!! What happened to the reminder text! Cute pics!! So funny that Jace thinks Spence is old!

KERRY said...

Any baby bump pics coming soon?
I hope you're keeping well and feeling great xo

kylee said...

i wish college kids dressed up like elementary kids. those were always the best days in school. "what's up old man" HILARIOUS!

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