Monday, April 23, 2012

The Post-it Notes: The Trip

When Brynlee suggested that we stay in a hotel with a swimming pool for her six year old birthday party I high-fived myself.  That was just the amount of planning and organizing that this pregnant mama felt capable of at the time. We booked the hotel, talked the Bingham family and cousin Livvie into joining us, and packed birthday presents and cupcakes. Party planned.

In case you’re wondering a six year old birthday party trip to Salt Lake City consist of:
a hotel stay with cousins//fancy hotel dining//hotel swimming
duck feeding and chasing//jungle jim’s amusement park//the lorax
dinner poolside + birthday cupcakes
kangaroo zoo//city creek mall//and a birthday shopping trip to target

And since it was Spring Break anyway the trip served two purposes. Birthday party + family get-a-way. Win, win.

//opening presents at the hotel//
//the birthday loot//

//feeding doughnuts to the ducks//
//jungle jims playland//
//brooke, brynlee and livvie riding in style//
//the gang minus zayne//
//poolside birthday party//

//kangaroo zoo / the land of bouncy houses//
//hotel swimming//
//at city creek shopping plaza//
//three of my favorite girls//


Jami said...

It sure was a fun little get away! Thanks for letting us be your shadows!

Jessica said...

Super Cute pics! Thanks for taking her she is still talking about it!

TraciFree said...

Ha! My office building is across the "lake" from that hotel. Small Lake City strikes again! Brynlee is going to LOVE being 6. It's pretty much the best.

kylee said...

jungle jims! man i used to love that place as a kid. except for the pizza. i'm hoping they improved the taste of their pizza since i was a kid, because i remember it tasting like cardboard. for reals though. it was awful.

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