Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top diggity dog

Miss Lori, Brynlee’s cuter than a yellow vintage button preschool teacher, does a little thing called ‘The Top Dog’ with her preschool class.  It’s like the coolest thing ever, just ask any kid that’s ever taken preschool from Miss Lori.  Good things come with that Top Dog title: you get to be Miss Lori’s special helper, display pictures of yourself on the Top Dog board, and sit in the reserved Top Dog Chair.  And there’s more, at the end of the week you get a Top Dog Certificate AND a sucker!  Better than Christmas.
Anyway Brynlee finally* got to be the coveted Top Dog.  And it didn’t disappoint.  Here’s what Brynlee classmate said about Top Dog Brynlee.
Adrie: She’s cute and she’s nice and she’s super nice.
Joshua:  She’s a good friend.
Nathan:  I like her.  She’s an angel.
Trevor:  I love her.
Bonnie:  I like her and she plays nice.
Kaya:  I like to play with her.
Shelby:  She’s nice and a good friend.
Tyson:  I like her and I love her.
Allison:  I like her.
Kudter:  I like to play with her.
Taylor:  I like her and she’s fun to play with.
Miss Lori:  Brynlee, you are adorable!  Thank you for being so kind and helpful.  You are terrific. 

I love you, my little top dog.  Always and forever.

*Brynlee was actually Top Dog a few weeks ago.  I’m just a bit delayed in getting anything posted.


sarah louise said...

I have to ditto Trevor!

Beth said...

I'm so glad she got to be Top Dog. It is very hard to wait for that chance. And I love all the responses. It just makes me smile.

Mikey, Anna, Lillie and Sam said...

Congrats Brynlee!!! You are such a good friend and an amazing helper.

Jessica said...

WOW! Brynlee you are awesome!

tharker said...

So cute!

I love the responses, but I think my favorite is, "She's cute and she's nice and she's super nice". Love preschool kids!

Trulymegs said...

Sounds like all the boys like her...you might be in trouble when she gets older :)

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