Thursday, February 24, 2011

Color Me Red

I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things I needed for dinner.  Like some sour cream, parmesan cheese, pink peeps, and a box of raspberry filled doughnuts.  You know the necessities.  I left the store with a tube of bright red lipstick.  R-E-D, red lipstick.  BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK, you guys.  I haven’t a clue what I was thinking.
Except for I do remember what I was thinking, so forget that whole thing of me not knowing what I was thinking.  It was a lie.
I was thinking. . . oh look, bright red lipstick.  ON SALE!  A steal of a deal, too.  Maybe I should try it.
I was thinking. . . my mom wears red lipstick, and it looks good on her.  I’m my mother’s daughter so maybe it would look good on me.  Maybe.
I was thinking. . . oh, and here’s some nice subtle pink lipstick.  I think I have a tube almost that same shade at home.  Maybe I should buy another while it’s on sale.  Stock up, in the name of food storage, you know.
And then I put the red lipstick in my cart right next to the raspberry filled doughnuts.  And I grabbed two tubes of the pink lipstick because it felt like the right thing to do. 
Okay, here’s the thing.  I’ve been on a mission to find a decent shade of lipstick since my little sister told me my lips looked black.  She’s nine.  “Black lips, black lips,” she teased.  And I wouldn’t have let it get the best of me except for she made the statement at Kate’s weddingafter we’d spent the day posing for pictures.  And really the only thing worse than wearing a shade of lipstick that qualifies you for the nickname ‘black lips’ is wearing that shade of lipstick to an event where the picture evidence is sure to live on for-e-ver.
Now that I think about it, I wonder if that has become my distinguishing trait between Katie’s new in-laws.  Okay so Kim’s the sister with the black lips, right?
So, I bought the red lipstick.  Brought it home.  And put it on.  It immediately caused me to do kissing faces in the mirror.  Repeatedly.  It also caused me to do that sassy-pants hair flip thing, striking a pose after each successful flip.  And when I walked, weirdest thing, my hips swayed.  I kid you not.  I felt so trendy.  So put together.  So sassy.  And when I was finally done acting like a teenager in love I stopped with all the unnecessary movement and took a good look at myself in the mirror.
And ohmygosh.  Oh-ho.  Oh my goodness.  I looked like a ten year old who’d just experienced a successful heist that involved her mother’s make-up bag.  Only worse. 
It didn’t help that I had a dab of bright red lipstick on my teeth. . . and on my chin.  I haven’t a clue.
Anyway, the decision was unanimous.  I can pull off the red lipstick look just about as well as I can pull of the string bikini look.  As in, NOT AT ALL.
But at least now I know.


Jessica said...

Whatever about the I'm not good enough . . . that was freaking hilarious!!!!

Katie said...

Okay, so maybe the red is a little much. Get some of your black and tone it down a bit. It'll be perfect!

(And as a side note, I really really want to see pics of said black lips. Am stalking all your sisters now to see if they've posted any group shots of Kate's wedding!)

Katie said...

Okay, I found the pics (I didn't even have to leave your blog!) and I don't think the pink on your lips at Kate's wedding is going to tone your red down. At all. Don't try it, mmm'kay?

Jami said...

HAHA!!! Well....what can I say!!!! Don't take this wrong but I took one look at the "red lips" and thought, "Oh, shouldn't have" are turning into that one chick on that one blog ;)!!!! and then I laughed with a sigh of relief when I read your post!!! Maybe you should just give that said lipstick to your mother.....or then again....maybe not!!! On a side note I am glad you stocked up on the pink lipstick, I am sure that will suit you better ;)!!!! Love ya Kimmie!

Kimberlee said...

LOL, Jami. My thought exactly about 'that one chick on that one blog'. :) I laughed at myself when I was posting the pictures just because it reminded me of that.

And Katie- Thanks for telling me the wedding picture lips were pink not black. On the day of the incident, I asked Jessica what color my lips were just to prove Marie wrong. "a little bit, black" she said.

MattandNikiJ said...

Kim, just like I said. Your blog brings a smile to my face everyday. I love reading your posts and the comments left. Just dont know what to say. I always leave your blog with a smile on my face.

Dont worry about the lipstick. I dont look good in hats, with bangs, with any shade of lipstick, and in swimming suits. But it seems that I like to think that a week, month, or year will make a difference. Then I will try one of the above and it only proves to remind me that once again somethings are meant to be left alone for yet another week, month or year. I guess I just forget and need to remind myself :)! I hope you have a wonderful day. :)!

smashLey said...

love this.
sometimes i get the "let's try something new" urges, and every single time i always go back to the original.
[except when it came to skinny jeans...]

tharker said...

The pictures are too cute! And maybe I'm crazy, but I actually think the red looks good on you!

I bought a tube of red lipstick a few months ago, and haven't been brave enough to wear it out in public yet. I fear I resemble a street walker when I wear it...

Hannah said...

Ummm...are you kidding??

I'm being completely honest here. YOU LOOK FABULOUS IN RED LIPSTICK. When I saw the top pictures, I immediately thought, "I need to ask her what shade of red she is wearing."

You are one who can pull off red lipstick. You look gorgeous. It almost looks natural. (I always wanted to be one of those people who could make red look natural.)

Try it again! You can pull it off!

Hannah said...

You are "that one chick on that one blog" that I want to look exactly like.

bec said...

Hey Kim thanks for the design tips, I have a few more questions for ya, but they will have to wait until I get my computer fixed! Thanks again.

Anna said...

I happen to think the red lipstick looks great on you!!!!!

Seriously. Do it!

PS - Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! So happy you commented so I could be led to your blog... love it!

Krista S. said...

I actually like the red too!!!! I've tried being bold with red but my lips are too big so instead of being taunted by "black lips" I get called clown lips :)

Jo (@ boogaloo) said...

You're too cute! Love this post :)
... oh and I too am envious of all women who can pull off a little red lipstick.

Lacy said...

Hilarious!! I love it, I love you. I was posting on your most recent post and that picture showed up underneathe. I had to read that post. The picture was just different. It was beautiful, even the red lips, but very different. I think my exact thoughts were "what was going on here? I must find out" I think that you should keep that red lipstick and put it on the next time you and spencer want some alone time. i don't think he would mind the kissy face hip swaying attitude one bit :)

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