Monday, February 28, 2011

kiMs-kaM© :: The one with the spinning office chair

It’s Monday, you guys.  And my kids are sick.  They’ve been sick since last Wednesday.  I was almost certain that we’d beaten the bug when both kids were feeling well on Saturday.  But not a chance, stupid thing came back with a vengeance Sunday morning – guess it showed us whose boss.  Jerk.
Anyway, for your Monday, a kiMs-kaM© video: The one with the spinning office chair.
And just like last time, I advise you to read the disclaimer prior to watching this or any kiMs-kaM© video.
::kiMs-kaM© Disclaimer - The posting of video recorded material from kiMs-kaM© on this site, Our Life Unedited, does not in any way, shape or form, implied or otherwise, necessarily express or suggest good and/or decent entertainment.  It is merely posted to document the myriad of completely uneventful and unwarranted activity that takes place in the home in which Kim and her kam reside.
The viewer assumes the entire risk of wasted time in the use of this video for entertainment, leisure or distractive purposes.  In no event will Kimberlee, kiMs-kaM© or Our Life Unedited be liable to you or to any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary loss of valuable time resulting from viewing this segment or any other segment of kiMs-kaM video.

A few things about this episode of kiMs-kaM©:
1.   Spence is singing the song that was the title of my last kiMs-kaM© video.  Sorta a theme song at our house.
2.   You’re welcome for that slow-motion instant replay.
3.   I love that Brynlee was completely unfazed by just being thrown from the spinning office chair.
4.   And I love even more that she jumps right up with a brilliant idea: maybe we should hold on next time.  Ya’think.
5.   Sometime I’m going to get a kiMs-kaM© video that doesn’t include my offstage cackle.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?
Anyway, back to wiping noses and soothing my sweet sickies.  The life of a mommy, it’s fabulous indeed.  Happy Monday.
*more about kiMs-kaM© here.


tharker said...

I love it!! Even the "offstage cackle". (by the way, that is SO not a cackle ;)

Hope your little ones are feeling better soon.

Kristen said...

Oh no, poor babies and poor mommy! I hope they feel better! That video is precious! Oh, the simple things in life.

Angie said...

If that would have been my kid we would have had to had a 30 minute comfort session to control the tears after falling off the chair. Brynlee just jumps right up ready to go again. Not fair.

Jaelynn said...

I think Alan laughed more than you and the kids combined while watching this... no joke! so funny! We miss your kids. I think it's about time for a get-together.
I just re-read that and realized it sounded like I was saying we don't miss you. We miss you too, no worries. :)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

This bug that's going around is really nasty. Can't wait until its gone.

<3, New Follower
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