Thursday, February 17, 2011

A head over heels in love with her post.

Spence went back to school, right.  I think I’ve mentioned that.  Anyway, I’ve been spending his late night hit-my-head-against-the-wall-and-pretend-I’m-excited-about-getting-my-masters-degree study sessions sticking’ my nose into the intriguing world of blogging.  And intriguing it is.  While navigating my way through dazzling pages of handcrafted goodness and perfectly photographed toddlers clad in pink tutu’s with larger than life flowers wrapping their wee little heads, I’ve learned a few things:
One.  Bloggers are an incredibly creative bunch.  I mean, I already knew this.  But I’m still trying to wrap my social media head around the fact that there are thousands and thousands of bloggers, and every single one of them thrifts/crafts/cooks/designs/photographs/decorates oh so creatively.  And in perfect style, too.
Two.  Bloggers are fashionable.  Dressed to the nines, always.  An Anthropologie skirt paired with an H&M Blouse, tied together with thrifted mustard yellow flats and a vintage necklace.  I say that like I actually know what any of that means.  And, I don’t.  Fashionable, I am not!
Three.  Bloggers are truly, madly, deeply – head over heels - can’t get enough of him - in love with their husbands.  And they want the world to know.  Creating lists to prove their point: ‘Top 10 Reasons my Husband Rocks my World’.’  8 reasons I love my husband on our 8th anniversary.’  Top Five as to why my husband could beat your husband in an arm wrestle.’
Now don’t get me wrong, I adore these lists.  I’m a hopeless romantic with a serve addiction to all things list-y.  This sort of thing suits me perfectly.   In fact, I’ve been known to write a list or two of public blogging adoration about my very own sweetheart.  But the whole phenomenon got me thinking.  Where are all these fabulous husbands?  Do they blog?  When’s it their turn to create the list?  When do the devoted blogging wife’s get their turn in the head over heels in love with her limelight? 
To be fair, I was going to ask Spence to write a list of “Nine Reasons that my wife is the BEST WIFE EVER!” since you know, it’s his turn.  But he’s sitting right here next to me in his flannel pajama pants acting all busy and stressed about an upcoming project due in his Digital Systems class, and I hate to be a nuisance.  So I’ll pick up his slack and present you the list: “Nine Reasons that I’m the BEST WIFE EVER!
  1. I am a highly intellectual being.  So highly intellectual that I know the one and only way to do everything.  Not sure how to fold the socks when doing the laundry?  Ask me.  Wondering how to get the baby to quit crying?  Ask me.  Confused on how to stack the firewood?  Ask me.  Actually, he doesn’t even have to worry about the asking part.  I tell him how to do it regardless.
  2. And along those same lines:  I am always right.  Always.  In such a confusing and ever changing world isn’t Spencer the luckiest man in the world to be married to a girl who knows no wrong.  Must be comforting.
  3. I act extremely interested in whatever boy show Spence in watching by snuggling up next to him then asking a million plus questions using my outdoor voice,  ”Who’s that guy?  What did he just say?  Wait, what just happened?  Why did they do that?  It’s just the sweetest thing.
  4. When we go out to eat I try to act all flirty and stuff by sharing my food with Spencer.  Or rather sharing Spencer’s food with Spencer.  He should know by now that when I order a salad for lunch he should order two servings of fries.  Not my fault that he forgets.  But, I’m always thoughtful and considerate and save the last few of his fries for him.  Seriously, best wife ever.
  5. After a night out to a fancy restaurant I always thank Spence by acting sexy in the car by unbuttoning the top bottom of my jeans.  It also aids in breathing.  And helps in getting blood flow back into my lovely shade of blue lips.  Two birds, one stone.
  6. I bought him socks for Valentine’s Day.  Romantic and practical.
  7. He doesn’t have to worry about any of the banking, paying bills, financial side of things.  I willingly do that part of running a household.  Which, luckily, also means he doesn’t have to know what “oh, it was around $15.00” actually means.
  8. I let him take care of the kids while I run downstairs real quick to do some work. {read: switch the laundry, start the dishwasher, read the newspaper and check my email, again.}
  9. Although I’m completely capable, I willingly let him be the bread winner.  Huge self-esteem boost, wouldn’t you agree?
Can I get three cheers for me, the best wife ever?!  Spencer is one lucky guy.  Kind of.
***Wanna brag?  I'd love to hear, what makes you the BEST WIFE EVER!***

Spence and I on our Tuesday night Valentines date.


Jaelynn said...

I really hope you weren't joking about the socks, because I gave Alan some on Valentines as well....

Kimberlee said...

No joke involved Jaelynn. :)

Anonymous said...

You crack me up...and yes hip hip hooray for your awesome wifeyness. love ya!

Rachel said...

You are awesome, there is no way Steve is ever reading this post or he will know what he is missing out on, and we can't have that :)

Angie said...

I'm the best wife ever because I use *his* toothbrush to brush *my* teeth. Romantic, right?

Lindsey Lou said...

With the socks, you just put a cute saying like, "We are a great match!" and then you can feel great about being practical and thoughtful! That is what good wives do:)

MattandNikiJ said...

I have to agree with Erica. HIP HIP HOORAY for your AWESOMENESS. I would have to say most of your list describes just how LUCKY Matthew is to have me as a wife. You crack me up. I will just have to show Matthew your list tonight just to remind him of how lucky he is ;)!!!

tharker said...

Thanks so much for your comment! We non-crafters must band together ;)

So this is the first time I've been to your blog, and now I have to tell you...I kind of love it! Your "list" is fabulous!

I'm the best wife ever because I always *share* my husband's water with myself. No sense dirtying (not a word?) up two glasses, right?

tharker said...

Oh, and my husband's name is also Spencer!

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