Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 25 of 30: Turkey

In preparation for tomorrows big feast!

Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving.


Lacy said...

JUst so you know, I DID read all of your posts, it just takes me a few days. I love them though. They also make me sad because I miss knowing you and I realize that you have changed alot since the days I know yout, but you are also just the same :) I'm great for oxymorons. You like black licorice? That is semi icky. Beside the black licorice...of course we have identical baby pictures. We are sisters you know. Several strangers and old co-workers have said so.

I love the picture of you and yours siblings. Alen is SO big.

I'm happy for you and your almost done kitchen. Man that seems like a big project. Side note: I just flossed and brushed and my teeth feel all case you wanted to know. hehe :)

gretta said...

I am thankful for Kim's blog

Kimberlee said...

Lacy- I've got to find that old baby picture for you to see. We're twins! I would love to hear how I'm the same and how I'm different. I feel EXACTLY the same. :)

And I'm thankful for you Gretta! XOXO!

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