Wednesday, November 4, 2009

a (tenth) confession

My first “boyfriend” and I never said a word to each other. Nope, nottta one.

We instead traded love notes (folded in super cute ways, of course) between every. single. class. We wrote 8-10 notes a day. It obviously left us with nothing to talk about.

The notes were always signed 22 + 45 {our sport jersy numbers}.
Now if that’s not love!


gretta said...

where is your pic for today
I decide instead of doing a pic every day I'll just load a bunch once a week

mammabug said...

I'm pretty sure I remember that boyfriend. You may have seen him on facebook through your closet door.

K said...

I think today's picture should be of you and this mystery man's respective team pictures. Scanned yearbook photos, here we come!

Jessica said...

And she had an entire drawer full of these "NOTES" in her bedroom so mom could snoop through and read them!

Lacy said...

hahaha, was this 8th grade or 9th I can't recall. However I remember you would sit by eachother on the bus and you were to nervous to talk. kids are so funny. Did you know they have a blog? His wife is super cute. You should blog stock. :)

Kimberlee said...

Gretta- My picture for this day was of the mountains. The post right before this one.

Erin- I haven't seen him on
facebook {again, I don't get to chose my own friends} but I have ran into them a few times. They used to live in my town. In fact, when Spence and I were selling our first little house they came to look at it. Funny, small world.

Jessica- It sounds like mom AND my big sis might have snooped in them. :)

Lacy- I think it was more like sixth and seventh grade. I think once we were in eighth grade we actually talked, and by nineth grade we'd moved on{ish}. He ended up holding another girls hand at the football game and my heart was crushed. :)

K- You crack me up!

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