Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 10 of 30: Oven

Edited to add: The features on this baby even beat her lovely stainless curves. The top little oven toasts, broils, bakes, warms & self cleans. And the bottom oven has a button for drying, broiling, baking, proofing, convection roasting, convention baking, warming & self cleaning. And she has five burners on top. Who uses five burners? I haven't used the bottom oven yet {or three of the burners}, but the top oven...oh, the top oven. Heavenly. She goes from 0 to 350 in FOUR MINUTES. So not kidding. FOUR. MINUTES. And do you want to hear the best part? She was mine in exchange for four crisp one hundred dollar bills. 400 dollars!! My neighbors just started a kitchen remodel {bless their hearts} and no longer wanted the oven. Although we had to wait from October 18th to November 1oth for her to be in our company, it was so worth the wait.

Guess what makes me happy.

This sweet baby makes me happy.
The plumber came today and installed the gas line to hook up the stove. And when he was done I cried. Happy, joyous tears. And then I kissed the plumber. Twice {don’t tell Spencer}. And then I started cooking. And I sang the entire time. I haven’t had a stove/oven since October 18th. And before that I didn’t have any countertops or cabinets. And before that I didn’t have a sink. Have you tried to cook without a sink? It’s ugly. Uuuuugly! What I’m trying to say is that I haven’t had a complete working kitchen since July 16th. That’s 2 ½ years in doggy time! Oh, but today. Today was lovely. I cooked in a fully functioning kitchen. And a perdy one too. Just for the record here’s what we have left: paint, a few little electrical things, finish one small section of the backsplash and hang the remaining hardware. And then we're done. I CAN’T WAIT!
*stay tuned for pictures of our new kitchen


sarah louise said...

I am jealous! Really Jealous! (I am also slighty happy for you) but way more Jealous!

(Did I mention I only have 2 working burners and no money to buy a beauty like that).

Jenni said...

You were definitely rewarded for your patience with this stainless steel beauty. Is it convection? Do tell about all the features.

tracifree said...

That is one sweet stove!

gretta said...

congrats I'm so happy for you.
I love you stove those are my favorite kind.
Emmie keeps looking at the picture of Brynlee and calling her Rachel she wont believe me that her name is brynlee.
So my mom calls you Jill and my daughter calls your daughter Rachel what are ya going to do.

Tammy said...

oh, my gosh!!1 that is exactly the stove I am willing to die for. Enjoy it!

Lindsey Lou said...

Wow that is a baker's dream;) Mrs. Annen would be so proud!

K said...

You are going to love your gas stove. We went with a gas convection when we got new appliances, and it is so nice. And what a steal! Good for you!

P.S. I heart Mrs. Annen!

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