Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 1 of 30: Climbing Trees

To see more "30 pictures in 30 days" pictures check out Jenni, Jessica, Jami and Karalyn's blogs. You can join in too if you wish to play along. We'd love the company.

P.S. There are no rules when it comes to "30 pictures in 30 days". I take a bunch of pictures throughout the day then chose one of them to post that night. But that's me. If you want to join us, you can do whatever you wish. Jessica is mixing it up and you can too. You can post old pictures, new pictures, highschool yearbook pictures, that one picture of you posing next to the huge pine tree with your hands on your hips all sassy like {You know which one I'm talking about, don't you Jami?}. You could post 7 pictures on one day and none for the rest of the week, you could only post on days that start with "T" or maybe six pictures everyday for thirty days. No rules, dear friends. No rules!

And Sarah, we will do it again. Just for you! See how much I love you.


sarah louise said...

I am going to hold you to that, cause I really want to do it!

And look at all your groupies!

Our Bingham Family Blog said...

I don't really remember that one but the one I am thinking of, is standing in front of the little tree modeling with "Jessie Mae" (our cat, or should I say Darnell Ding-a-lings).....or me Kate and Alan with the Ostrich egg....that one is pretty priceless....oh the list could go on...I might have to see if I can dig those up somewhere...

Kimberlee said...

Oh heck yeah, Sarah! They are totally my groupies.

Well except the fact that they aren't so much fans, but rather dear friends/sisters that tolerate and accept me because they are loving and that is what friend/sisters do. They are all way cooler, hotter and more talented than I. And don't say anything, but I'm the tinest bit jealous of all of them in one way or another.

So scratch that. So not my groupies.

But wouldn't that be cool if they were?

Kimberlee said...

Oh the Ostrich egg one is good. Even better than that one is the one of you in your pj's and pigtails in your hair posing all sexy like. If I remember right, you dressed up just for that picture.

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