Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 30 of 30: Ice-cream

For FHE tonight we got ice-cream. 
Jace got a swirl ice-cream cone.  He liked it. 

Then he accidently dropped it on the floor. 
So he helped himself to Spence's Mint OREO Shake
He liked that as well.

He's dang cute! 
But I still wasn't willing to share my REESE'S Peanut Butter shake
But had I been willing, he would have eaten that too.


Done and done!  I have successfully completed 30 pictures in 30 days.  Three cheers!  All congratulatory gifts may be addressed to my attention and sent to this here place that I so happily reside.  Cash, checks and gift cards will gladly be preferred accepted.


Anonymous said...

Good job you! I think that is an amazing accomplishment. 1) Because I'm pretty sure I would have dropped the ball. 2) Because you are awesome!

Jenni said...

Arctic Circle?
I wish we had one of those around these parts. Their sprinkle cones are amazing.

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