Sunday, November 22, 2009

And in other (equally unimportant) news!

Brynlee had her very first field trip with her preschool. She was so excited. They went to the local Fire Station and I got to tag along. Fireman Josh asked the group of eight preschools what they're supposed to do if there's a fire in their house. To which one little boy replied, "Stop what you're doing, drop into the fire and roll all over in it!" In the holy name of all things safety we may need to revisit the concept of "Stop, Drop and Roll".

When I was staying at my sister's house last week I took my little niece, Maddie, to her school book fair.  It was the first time I have been in an Elementary School{or really any school} in quite some time. It made me realize that some things never change. An Elementary School Book Fair is always exciting, all librarians look the same and an elementary school will always and forever smell like, well, an elementary school.
Jessica is now the proud owner of a nifty little temporary handicap tag. Oh man, that thing makes shopping convenient. Well for me anyways, not so much for her.
And speaking of Jessica, do you want to see something disgusting? {Well, do you?} Go here and check out my sister's leg. My mom now correctly argues that between Jessica & Jami's legs she's got some of the best lookin' legs in the family.
Oh, and also…Jessica's neighbors have pet chickens. {Chickens?} One afternoon the Misses of the house was outside playing with her pet chickens {seriously, chickens!}. Does anybody else think that's strange?
Spence and my big plans for this evening is to go through the ABC Family: 25 Days of Christmas schedule to decide which ones should be DVR'd. If I had a dozen lives I'd like to live a portion of one of them sitting in front of the TV watching Christmas movies. OH MY HEAVENS THE EXCITEMENT!! Our December schedule may revolve around what Christmas shows are on TV that night. It's going to be a much needed change-o-pace. HAVE I MENTIONED THAT I'M EXCITED?!!
My neighbor's band, "Seven Feet Below", won their first round of the 2009 Garage Band Playoffs and have officially made it to the semi-finals.
Right now it looks like this at my house:
We are all curled up on the couch next to the sizzling fire, eating caramel popcorn and watching "Meet the Robinsons".

Makes for a perfectly cozy Sunday afternoon.Hope your Sunday was equally cozy.

**edited to add: I think it's important to disclose that the pet chickens {chickens?} are not in a country setting {that's perfectly acceptable}, but rather in a city neighborhood living like royalty in Jess's neighbors backyard.


sarah louise said...

We went throught ABCfamily and DVR'd Christmas movies too!

Oh and to answer your chicken question...we had chickens growing up once. So yeah, probably strange.

Nick and Karalynn said...

Next time you go, I want to see a picture of the said chickens.

Anonymous said...

I love the ABC Christmas Movies too.

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