Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 9 of 30: Rodeo

Today was a busy day.
{woke up. gym. breakfast. read three dozen children’s books. bathtime. breah stopped by for a short visit. laundry, dishes and wiped tiny fingerprints off the windows. lunch. naptime for Jace, watercolors with brynlee. made sugar cookie dough for saturday’s easter hunt. jumped on tramp. made tent out of blankets. read my next relief society lesson while listening to the kids in the blanket tent. ran errands for the easter bunny. playground. ran into the easter bunny. took pictures. got groceries. raced home. greeted our overnight guests, rachel and jordan. changed into pink {because i’m “tough enough to wear pink”}. went to the dodge national final rodeo with katie and jace. finally, kicked up our feet and relaxed.}

Notice from the picture that Kate and I are sitting in the very front row!
Thanks Katie for the great tickets and the invite.


Our Bingham Family Blog said...

Sure Katie, I see who your favorite is....I am totally offended! HaHa!!

Alan Branch said...

What!!! I havent checked your blog for at least 6 months and the time i decide to give it a peek this is what i find!!! Disappointed!

Spencer and Kimberlee said...

Hum! Maybe if you were a better friend, alan, and checked my blog more than once every 6 months you would get things like invites to the rodeo.

And, yes, Jami, I AM HER ABSOLUTE FAVORITE....or we live in the same town. Same thing!

Ben and Jesse said...

Ben and I were at the rodeo Thursday too! My nephew was in the mutton buston! He was the one (only one) who rode one handed. He insisted that it was the only way he would ride. You can't argue with a 4 year old! Of course we didn't see you because we didn't have the fabulous seats that you did! Also, I am due June 29th. We are having a boy. If you have any name ideas throw them our way! p.s. I love your blog!!!!

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