Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 17 of 30: Email

I have loads of pictures from today. There’s one of Brynlee at the antique store. She’s sitting on a little wooden rocking chair reading antique “Dick and Jane” books. The picture makes me smile. There’s one of Jace sitting in the little reclining chair. He looks so big and his smile lights up the entire picture. The picture makes me proud. There’s one of Brynlee at the park. From the picture you can tell that it’s spring. Brynlee’s giggling smile reminds me how nice it is to be outside. The picture makes me excited. There’s one from our dinner tonight at the Chinese Restaurant. We had a massive amount of food, and we still have enough for tomorrow’s dinner in the fridge. The picture makes me hungry. There’s one of our evening spent roller skating around the neighborhood. Spencer is wearing his Rollerblades and Brynlee her Fisher Price Barbie skates. The picture makes me delighted. Then there’s one from the subject line of an email that Jessica sent me. The picture makes me ask…WHAT IN THE SAM HILL! And for some odd reason, that’s the picture I feel inclined to post. Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Do you take pictures of everything!!! If any of you want to know how to get really great subject lines . . . click on the subject tab next to the subject line (at least in yahoo) and you get some excellent subjects!!

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