Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We had an appointment

Aside from the shots, I love to take my little ones to their check-up doctor’s appointments. Something about hearing the nurse tell me their weight and height is insta-gratification. They might not be the best dressed kids or the most well-behaved but gosh dang, at least they’re gaining weight. Today was Jace’s four month check-up. He weighed 15 pounds and 3.5 ounces (75 percentile); and he was 26 inches tall (90th percentile). Not sure where he got his height, but I can guarantee that Spencer was never never ever ever in the 90th percentile. And just for fun, three things I love about Jace. One. I love that every time I feed, rock or cuddle my little guy he clinches his little fist as tight as he can around the collar of my shirt. Two. I love the way he snuggles. The sound of his breath. His smell. The way he so perfectly fits on my chest. Three. I love how excited he gets when I go to get him out of his crib. His feet and arms start flying in every directions and his smile makes his eyes twinkle.
Ignore the wet shirt. Although it's not my favorite he loves to drool.
And again because I think its fun to compare and because I know my mom is going to ask, Brynlee’s was 13 pounds 8 ounces and 24 inches tall at her 4 month appointment. Three things I love about Brynlee. One. I love when she uses super as an adjective. (Dad you are driving super fast.) And when she uses the word awesome. But especially when she uses them together. (Oh, this is gonna be super awesome.) Two. I love when she runs into my room all bright eyed and overly excited first thing in the morning and says, “Wake up mommy, ‘cause the suns awake!” Three. I love when she tries to comfort crying Jace by saying, “It’s okay little huddy (buddy) big sissy is right here by you.”

Spence just got home from Scouts, so I am off to volleyball practice! I haven’t really played volleyball since my first year of college. Wish me luck. Or rather, wish my poor team members luck.


Beth said...

Kim, you were awesome, I don't know what you are talking about. And it was a lot of fun. I'm glad you finally decided to join us on the court.

Lacy said...

I love that your comment on my blog was so long, LOVE IT, because I miss you truly, madly, deeply you know. Jadelyn totally was a little Derek huh? Jordan is alot more of a mix of us. I think his eyes are like mine but the rest is probably a little more Derek. He does look alot more like me than Jadelyn did though.

Oh I'm so glad you're playing volleyball. Muy fun, and muy jealous, and you should know that you are amazing at everything you do. That includes volleyball.

Lacy said...

It's me again, hahaha. Your kids are little cuties. Isn't a tiny baby just such a nice comfort. They are like a big, cuddly ball of love. Mine isn't tiny anymore :(

Brynlee is funny. I'm glad she's a good big sister. I've loved wathcing Jadleyn be a big sister. They're such good protectors aren't they. Jadleyn has this little ooohh-ey whale like song she sings to comfort Jordan.

Jessica said...

Maddie says "super" everything to I wonder if she learned it from Brynlee!

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